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Passport and visa

Find out which travel documents you need, plus other important information about visiting your country of destination.

Which travel documents do I need?

Every country has its own rules for visitors of various nationalities. Here you can check whether you need a visa and whether there are any other important rules, such as passport validity.

Please note:

  • Children (age 0-15 years) travelling to, from or through countries in the European Union may carry their own passport or travel with the parent’s passport, if the child is registered in it. If the child travels with the document of his parent, it’s important they have the same nationality. This rule does not apply to nationals of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania and Schengen member States.
  • Travellers to the United States may also need to request ESTA travel authorisation.

See which travel documents you need

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Apply for your visa online

If you are departing from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the United States, and you need a visa, you can apply conveniently online via My Trip. Our partner CIBT will gladly arrange your application from A to Z. If only a visa is required, My Trip will offer you this option.

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API - Advance Passenger Information

The authorities in many countries require us to collect various types of personal information on our passengers. We will ask you to provide these if necessary for your trip. You can enter your API details online in My Trip or when you check in or at the airport. You can also provide your API details via your travel agent.

API data includes information on the machine-readable zone on your passport:

  • Family name and first name
  • Date of birth, gender and nationality
  • Passport number, issuing country and expiry date
  • Country of residence and temporary address where you will be staying (for travel to the United States only) including the house number, street, city/town, abbreviation used for the state and the zip code.

When travelling to the United States, there are some exceptions in which you do not have to provide Advance Passenger Information.

If you do not want to enter these details online, you can also fill out and hand in the API form.

Enter API details in My Trip

Download the API form(PDF, 54KB)
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