Ivory: earn Miles every time you travel

From the moment you enrol as an Ivory member, you will be entitled to earn Miles on most flights. Just mention your Flying Blue number when booking a flight or making use of the services of one of our partners, and you will see how quickly your Miles add up and bring you a wide selection of benefits!

Your Ivory benefits

Flying Blue Card Ivory

You earn Miles

  • when flying with AIR FRANCE, KLM or any of our airline partners

  • when using services of over 100 partners, such as hotel stays, car rentals and much more

  • when shopping online on your favourite web shop

The number of Award Miles you earn for your flight depends on your travel class, ticket fare and distance flown.

You can spend Miles

  • on flights or flight-related services from AIR FRANCE, KLM or one of our many Flying Blue airline partners

  • on products and services from over 100 partners and when you shop online in our Flying Blue Store

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Check out all possibilities to earn Miles
Check out all possibilities to spend Miles

Watch the video
Click on the video below to explore all the benefits of Ivory membership. This short animation will show you what it means to be an Ivory member. 

On your way to exclusive benefits
Ivory frequent flyers can quickly upgrade to the next level. Silver membership is our first Elite level and not only brings you more benefits – as an Elite member, you will be recognised and treated as a valued customer throughout your entire journey.

What you need to move up to the next level
To upgrade to the next level, you need to achieve either one of the following thresholds per calendar year:

Membership levelRequired number of Level Miles   Required number of qualifying flights
Ivoryentry level or  entry level
25,000 Level Miles
(30,000 in France and Monaco)
 or15 qualifying flights
(Elite Plus)
40,000 Level Miles
(60,000 in France and Monaco)
 or30 qualifying flights
(Elite Plus)
70,000 Level Miles
(90,000 in France and Monaco)
 or60 qualifying flights

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