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Platinum members are recognized by all our partners as priority travellers. With Flying Blue you receive the highest level of care and attention. Our SkyTeam partners offer you a wide range of Elite Plus benefits. Our other airline partners also offer some of these benefits, which you will find specified in the list below.

Enjoy an exclusive 100% Elite bonus

Flying Blue

Your Platinum membership gives you an Elite bonus* of double Miles for each flight you take with AIR FRANCE, KLM, our partners Air Europa, Kenya Airways and TAROM as well as our other SkyTeam partners.

Check our Miles Finder to see how many extra Miles your next flight could bring you.

* The bonus is calculated from your Award Miles without any Service Class bonus. Elite Bonus Miles do not count as Level Miles.

More award ticket flights

As a Flying Blue Platinum member, you benefit from additional award availability in Business class on both AIR FRANCE and KLM operated flights.

  • Elite Award
    The Elite Award is exclusively available on certain AIR FRANCE long haul flights.*This award ticket is available for 115% of the Miles usually required for a Classic Award in the same cabin class.

    * Reservations for award tickets can be made based on the availability of specially allocated seats. Please bear in mind that airport and security taxes and carrier imposed international surcharges on long-haul flights are not covered by your Miles and must be paid separately.  

  • Flex Award
    In Business Class and First Class, Flex Awards are only available to Elite members like you. This means even if there is no award seat available you can book an award ticket* for an amount of Miles higher than those required for the Classic Award on flights with AIR FRANCE, KLM and our partners Air Europa, Kenya Airways, and TAROM.**

    * Booking Flex Awards is based on the availability of seats on the chosen flight. Only Flying Blue Elite members can use Flex Awards to fly in First Class or Business Class. You cannot use Flex Awards for upgrades and Round-the-World awards or for award tickets on franchised or code-share flights. Flex Award tickets can be exchanged or re-credited free of charge.  
    ** Please bear in mind that airport and security taxes and carrier imposed international surcharges on long-haul flights are not covered by your Miles and must be paid separately. 

    Discover how to spend Miles with AIR FRANCE and KLM
    Book your award ticket

SkyPriority makes it easier to find your way

You will now automatically benefit from SkyTeam’s first alliance-wide service: SkyPriority. Discover the smoothest way to pass through airport checkpoints when flying with SkyTeam airlines. Simply follow the signs with the special label and enjoy all the priority services:

  • priority check-in
  • priority baggage drop-off and handling
  • priority at immigration and security
  • priority service at the ticket office and transfer desk
  • priority boarding

The SkyPriority label will also be displayed on your boarding pass, ensuring you receive the SkyPriority service throughout your journey.

Preferred treatment

  • Preferred waitlist status
    If your desired flight and/or cabin class is not available when booking your travel, you will have preferred status on the reservation waitlist (provided waitlists are accepted on the flight and/or in your desired class of travel).* Please note this service does not apply to award tickets.

    * Some SkyTeam airlines apply special conditions.

  • Preferred standby status
    As a Flying Blue Platinum member, you have preferred status on your flight’s standby list.*

    * Some SkyTeam airlines apply special conditions.

Preferred seat

  • Preferred seating for an even more relaxed travelling experience

    Opt for greater luxury when you fly in Economy Class. KLM offers a variety of different seats with extra comfort:

  • Seats at the window or along the aisle, just behind the Economy Comfort zone
  • Seats in a row of 2

  • As a Flying Blue Platinum member, you can book your preferred seat online for free.

    Find out more about KLM preferred seating

Enjoy more comfort with KLM Economy Comfort and AIR FRANCE Seat Plus

  • Choose more comfort on KLM flights

    Choose a seat in the Economy Comfort zone on intercontinental flights to enjoy extra legroom and double the seat recline. Flying Blue Platinum members can benefit from a seat in the Economy Comfort zone at no extra cost.

  • Find out more about KLM Economy Comfort

  • Stretch your legs with Seat Plus on AIR FRANCE flights

    Guarantee yourself extra legroom when you travel in the Voyageur cabin on intercontinental and European flights* by reserving a seat with additional space in advance. This service is free for Flying Blue Platinum members

  • Find out more about AIR FRANCE Seat Plus

  • * Subject to conditions.

Guaranteed seat in Economy Class

You will have a guaranteed seat in Economy Class for full-fare reservations on long-haul flights with AIR FRANCE, KLM or any other SkyTeam airline partner made at least 24 hours in advance. This service does not apply to award tickets or for aircraft with fewer than 100 seats.

Exclusive Elite reservation service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have a dedicated reservations team on hand to take care of your paid ticket reservation. Your exclusive Elite reservation service phone number is printed on the back of your Flying Blue Silver/Gold/Platinum Elite card. Please note this service is not for award ticket bookings.

Access to lounges

Take time to relax at the airport! Throughout the world, you and your guest enjoy free access to any of our airport lounges.* You are also allowed to access the Ukraine International lounge in Kiev and the Copa Club in Panama** and you can also invite extra guests to join you in the lounges on certain international stopovers. Depending on the stopover and lounge availability, the entrance fee per guest (excluding your first guest) varies.*** For more information, please visit the Airport Lounges section of our website.

* When travelling on or connecting to/from an international SkyTeam-operated flight on the same day.
** Including one guest (Copa only).
*** Subject to conditions.

Direct access from Privium Parking P2 at Amsterdam Schiphol

Save time and get from your car to the gate in just 5 minutes! At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can bypass the Departure Hall using the footbridge between Privium Parking P2 and the B and C piers. You only go through the security check. This time-saving option is only available for Flying Blue Elite members travelling in First or Business Class and if you:

  • are travelling to a Schengen country
  • are travelling with hand baggage only
  • have checked in online

Check-in and transfer benefits

  • Exclusive check-in counters
    You can check in at priority counters at most SkyTeam airports and for Copa flights simply by showing your Flying Blue Platinum card.

  • Elite transfer desks
    You can find exclusive Elite transfer desks at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol airports.

Extra baggage allowance

You are allowed an additional item of baggage on any SkyTeam flight, with the exception of Korean Air. This item is limited to a maximum weight of:

  • 23 kg* when travelling in Economy or Premium Economy
  • 32 kg* when travelling in Business or First Class

* Except for flights from/to Corsica, on which you benefit from an extra baggage allowance of 5 kg. 

For European Economy Class flights booked on or after 14 May 2013, KLM will charge a fee for checking in your first baggage item. However, as a Flying Blue member, you can still check in this first baggage item free of charge.

Read more about the changed baggage rules. 

Weight concept destinations

If you travel on a flight using the weight concept you are allowed an additional 20 kg of baggage instead. This additional 20 kg baggage allowance is also applicable on Korean Air flights with the weight concept.

Find out more about your baggage allowance 
Purchase extra baggage 

Carried over Level Miles

Get your year off to a flying start – make your Level Miles go further by carrying them over to next year.* Instead of resetting your Miles balance to zero, Flying Blue Platinum members can now start the year with a positive account, as Level Miles earned above your level threshold will be saved after your Annual Level Check. This makes it easier for you to achieve enough Level Miles to retain your current membership!

* You must have made at least one Qualifying flight during the year.

Platinum for Life

Your Platinum membership is yours for life after 10 consecutive years of Platinum membership. With Platinum for Life, you can rely on travel privileges for the rest of your days, and enjoy full Platinum benefits without ever needing to re-qualify again.

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