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Best Price Guarantee

When it comes to finding the best KLM price online, you can count on KLM. If you find a lower fare somewhere else than, that applies for country of booking for the same KLM flight, itinerary and cabin, you can file a claim.

About our Best Price Guarantee

The Best Price Guarantee applies to the lowest available fares in economy class of KLM. It applies to all fares available to the general public, excluding the following:

  • Niche fares (e.g. corporate discount fares, military fares, student fares)
  • Airfares sold as part of a package
  • Fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase.

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When can I submit a claim?

If you find a lower KLM ticket price somewhere else than KLM Website, for the same flight, itinerary and cabin, that is at least 1000 JPY lower on the same day you purchase your ticket on, file a claim with all the necessary information and we will send you a Travel Credit Voucher (TCV) for future travel with KLM in the amount of the price difference plus 5000 JPY for each eligible ticket. The claim has to be filed on the same day as the purchase. This guarantee is applicable to economy class tickets only. Please read Terms and Conditions from the link below before submitting a Best Price Guarantee request.

See our terms and conditions for more information

How can I submit a claim?

A claim submittal form is available online. To submit this claim form, fill in all required fields and click 'Submit'. A KLM customer service representative will send you an e-mail regarding the validity of your claim. 

See our terms and conditions for more information

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