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If your delayed baggage has not been found within 3 days, you should fill in a Baggage Inventory Form. With this form we can intensify the tracing of your delayed luggage worldwide.

Baggage Inventory Form

If you have filled in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) upon arrival, and your baggage has not been found after 3 days, you need to fill in the Baggage Inventory Form (BIF). You will find this form online, but we can also send you a paper version if you call the Baggage Service Office at the airport.  

The completed BIF form should be submitted to us within 21 days of your arrival. We advise that you make copies of all relevant documents, labels and tickets.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept BIF forms that have been completed incorrectly or which are incomplete. The same applies to forms that we receive later than 21 days after arrival.

  • If your PIR report has a ‘KL’ file reference number, you can fill in the BIF form online. Or you can call the Baggage Service Office at the airport to have a paper BIF form sent to you by mail.
  • If you have a PIR report with a file reference number that does not start with ‘KL’, please contact the airline stated in your PIR reference.


Report long-lost baggage


In the conditions on your ticket, we stress our limited liability. If your baggage is lost, the amounts indicated will not be paid out automatically. These amounts refer to the maximum amount that could be paid out.  

You will be required to provide proof of loss for each claim. Airlines will not be liable for the loss of money, jewellery, silver, samples, business documents, electronic equipment or other valuable objects under any circumstances whatsoever. The same applies for fragile and perishable items.


If your baggage is insured against loss, it will be more beneficial for you to submit a claim to your insurance company or credit card company, rather than to the airline. Most insurance policies cover loss on the basis of the value of the property, while a maximum per person is customary in the aviation industry.


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