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Would you like to take extra baggage with you? Arrange it online before your departure and profit from up to 50% off the airport excess baggage fee.

Discount on taking extra baggage

You can take more pieces of baggage with you than the standard amount. At the airport, you will pay an excess baggage fee when checking in your baggage. However, if you arrange this online in advance, we will give you a discount of up to 50% off this fee!

Please note that this does not apply to oversized or overweight baggage, and that special rules apply if you wish to take special baggage, for example sports equipment or a pet.

View the excess baggage fees 
Read more about special baggage 

Arrange extra baggage online

You can arrange to bring extra pieces of baggage at a discount:

  • When booking your flight at
  • via My Trip
  • when you check in via – depending on the check-in services per departure airport.

Please note:
Each piece of extra baggage may weigh max. 23 kg (50 lbs), and measure max. 158 cm (62 in) l + w + h.

Arranging extra pieces of baggage online is possible only if you are travelling on an AIR FRANCE or a KLM ticket on a flight operated by KLM or on an onward AIR FRANCE flight after a KLM flight.

Please note that when departing from some airports, it is not possible to arrange extra baggage on In that case, please go to the desk at the airport to arrange extra baggage.

Arrange your baggage now 
View the check-in services per departure airport 

Refund of extra baggage allowance bought in advance

The extra baggage allowance bought in advance (possibly with a discount) cannot be transferred to any other passenger.

If you have bought an extra baggage allowance in advance, but then decide not to take any extra baggage with you, the amount paid by you will not be refunded. The same applies if you only use part of the extra baggage allowance bought.

However, you can ask for a refund only if:

  • Your reservation was switched to a flight that was not operated by KLM.
  • Your baggage has been lost and cannot be recovered (this does not apply for delayed baggage).

Read more about compensation and refunds 


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