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Europe and Middle East

Tel Aviv from $ 1,209* Find deals
Rome from $ 1,214* Find deals
Milan from $ 1,233* Find deals
Vienna from $ 1,361* Find deals
Amsterdam from $ 1,366* Find deals
Prague from $ 1,412* Find deals
Berlin from $ 1,490* Find deals
Madrid from $ 1,642* Find deals
*Usd Return fares taxes incl. Sales period: from July 01st to July 16th. Traveling from August 01st to September 30th. Minimum stay 7 days. Maximum stay 1 month. Advance purchase 21 days.

Other destination of the world

Dubai from $ 1,518* Find deals
Abu Dhabi from $ 1,549* Find deals
Cairo from $ 1,777* Find deals
Singapore from $ 1,884* Find deals
Cape Town from $ 1,886* Find deals
Hong Kong from $ 1,897* Find deals
Nairobi from $ 1,930* Find deals
Manila from $ 2,079* Find deals
Delhi from $ 2,104* Find deals
*Fares in US dollars. Applies 25 Usd additional for flights operated from Friday to Sunday. Changes 300Usd + 16%VAT at any time, + 25 Usd service fee | "NO SHOW" not permitted. Cancellations 350Usd + 16%VAT only before departure, + 25 Usd service fee | "NO SHOW" not permitted. Subject to availability, limited capacity and changes without prior notice.
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