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Amsterdam Canal

Europe on Sale

Amsterdam from MYR 2,523find deals
Paris from MYR 2,523find deals
Barcelona from MYR 3,023find deals
Copenhagen from MYR 3,023find deals
Madrid from MYR 3,023find deals
Rome from MYR 3,023find deals
Frankfurt from MYR 3,023find deals
London from MYR 3,123find deals
Stockholm from MYR 3,023find deals
Oslo from MYR 3,023find deals
*Return fares in Economy class including taxes and surcharges from Kuala Lumpur. Subject to availability and currency fluctuations. Book by 10 August 2015. Travel from 27 July to 31 December 2015. Black-out dates for travel outbound from 15 to 31 August, inbound from 01 to 15 August 2015. Minimum stay: 3 days. Maximum stay: 2 months. Changes are permitted with a fee of MYR 200. Non-refundable.

Jakarta Fares

Economy Class from MYR 337find deals
World Business Class from MYR 1,172find deals

World Business Deals to Europe

Amsterdam from MYR 11,323find deals
Paris from MYR 10,323find deals
Rome from MYR 11,323find deals
London from MYR 10,323find deals
Manchester from MYR 10,323find deals
*Return fares in World Businessclass ex Kuala Lumpur, including taxes and surcharges. Book by 10 August 2015. Travel from 01 August to 31 October or 18 to 31 December 2015. Advance purchase of 7 days is required. Minimum stay of 1 Sunday or 6 days. Maximum stay: 1 month. Changes are permitted with a penalty fee of MYR 400. Non-refundable.

Top destinations in America

New York from MYR 5,273find deals
Boston from MYR 5,273find deals
Los Angeles from MYR 5,273find deals
San Francisco from MYR 5,273find deals
Washington from MYR 5,273find deals
Montreal from MYR 5,202find deals
Toronto from MYR 6,190find deals
Rio de Janeiro from MYR 6,364 find deals
Lima from MYR 7,099find deals
Sao Paulo from MYR 6,366find deals
*Return fares including taxes ex Kuala Lumpur in Economy Class, subject to availability. Minimum stay: 3 days to Europe/ 5 days to America; Maximum stay: 1 year. Changes are permitted with a fee of MYR 200. Non-refundable. Infant and child discounts apply. Free stopover is permitted in Amsterdam. Call KLM passenger enquiries at +60 (3) 7712 4555 for assistance.

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