KLM Corporate Account

This is the place for businesses that have taken out a corporate contract with KLM and partners or are interested in doing so.

Welcome to KLM Corporate Account

This website is for businesses that have signed a corporate contract with KLM and partners, or are interested in doing so.

If your company has already agreed this type of contract, your personal login code provides access to your personal pages where you can view the latest management information. As well as staying completely up-to-date with your company’s air travel, you can also quickly see the savings you are making.


When should you choose a corporate contract?

Corporate contracts are designed for companies that spend more than € 100,000 per year on flights with KLM and partners. Once signed up, you will enjoy a wide range of first-class rewards in the form of special discounts, attractive terms, added value services and even greater comfort when travelling. 

The size of the reward depends on how much you fly. If your company spends less than € 100,000 per year on flights with KLM and partners, our BlueBiz programme is likely to be more suitable. 


What are the advantages of a corporate contract?

A corporate contract offers a number of attractive benefits:

  • Discounts on tickets
  • Your personal KLM Account Manager
  • Wide choice of payment methods
  • Premium service around the world

You also benefit from the features of this KLM Corporate Account website. Here you can arrange all sorts of things, quickly and conveniently. Your Unique Client Code (UCC) and personal login code provide access to your own Internet pages, where you can find easy-reference management information.