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World Business Class

South East Asia

Bangkok 1719 €Find deals
Singapore 1820 €Find deals
Bali 1825 €Find deals
Jakarta 1828 €Find deals
Hanoi * 1829 €Find deals
Ho Chi Minh City * 1873 €Find deals
Manilla 1959 €Find deals
*) with transfer

Greater China

Guangzhou * 1792 €Find deals
Shanghai 1800 €Find deals
Beijing 1801 €Find deals
Wuhan* 1814 €Find deals
Hong Kong 1853 €Find deals
Taipei 1855 €Find deals
*) with CZ or with transfer with AIR FRANCE


Caïro 1307 €Find deals
Dakar * 1746 €Find deals
Nairobi 1772 €Find deals
Dar es Salaam 1773 €Find deals
Johannesburg 1816 €Find deals
Kilimanjaro 1824 €Find deals
Zanzibar * 1870 €Find deals
Lusaka 1922 €Find deals
Mauritius* 1959 €Find deals
*) with transfer


Curaçao 1599 €Find deals
Havana * 1694 €Find deals
Paramaribo 1695 €Find deals
Aruba 1703 €Find deals
Sint Maarten 1725 €Find deals
Bonaire 1745 €Find deals
Santo Domingo* 1856 €Find deals
*) with transfer.

Latin America

Bogota 1798 €Find deals
Rio de Janeiro 1798 €Find deals
Lima, Peru 1799 €Find deals
Sao Paulo 1799 €Find deals
Panama City 1799 €Find deals
Guayaquil 1877 €Find deals
Quito 1898 €Find deals
Buenos Aires 1907 €Find deals
Santiago de Chile 2000 €Find deals

India, South Korea & Japan

Bombay 1639 €Find deals
Delhi 1667 €Find deals
Bangalore * 1762 €Find deals
Tokyo 1840 €Find deals
Osaka 1848 €Find deals
Fukuoka 1849 €Find deals
Seoul 1993 €Find deals
*) with transfer.
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