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Flying Blue
As a priority traveler, you’ll save time and trouble throughout your entire journey with a wide range of Silver advantages. Silver membership gives you Elite status, which means access to many extra benefits. You can also enjoy preferential treatment and services offered by our SkyTeam partners, and by our other airline and non-airline partners.

Silver benefits with our airline partners

Enjoy a wealth of advantages when travelling with our airline partners. From dedicated check-in counters to priority seating and extra baggage allowances – you have more choice with Silver membership. When you fly with SkyTeam, Silver membership gives you many extra benefits, from an Elite bonus to priority treatment and extra baggage allowance. Discover how to make travelling even smoother with Silver.

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Silver benefits with our non-airline partners

Make the most of your Silver membership by using the services of our non-airline partners and benefit from a wide range of special offers and exclusive discounts.

Find out more about Silver benefits with our non-airline partners 
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