Your seat on board

Enjoy a comfortable seat, regardless of your travel class. If you want more comfort, we have various options.

Reserve your seat

Window or aisle? Reserve your favourite seat on board.

Reserve your seat

Choose more comfort

Get comfortable in our Economy Comfort zone! Or choose a seat with extra legroom or a preferred seat. Exclusively on flights operated by KLM.

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Upgrade to Business Class

Business Class

Love the extra comforts of our Business Class? Check out the possibilities to purchase an upgrade.

When and how to purchase an upgrade

Meet & Seat

Find out who else will be on board your KLM flight and where they’ll be sitting.

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What about children?

Want to know more about the seating arrangements for children? Visit our ‘Travelling with children’ page for all details on seating, buggies and child seats.

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Physically impaired?

On our page for physically challenged passengers you can find all the information on travelling with a disability. Read about the arrangements on board in our brochure Carefree Travel.

Passengers of size

All our passengers deserve a comfortable and safe journey. We have special arrangements for our passengers of size.

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