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Kuala Lumpur

Special offer

Beirut from 2,889 :-Find deals
Havana from 7,199 :-Find deals
Hong Kong from 4,999 :-Find deals
Seattle from 5,909 :-Find deals
Book latest 17 February.

Discover Asia

Bali from 7,039 :-Find deals
Bangkok from 4,899 :-Find deals
Beijing from 4,399 :-Find deals
Ho Chi Minh City from 5,699 :-Find deals
Jakarta from 5,999 :-Find deals
Kuala Lumpur from 6,039 :-Find deals
Singapore from 5,719 :-Find deals
Tokyo from 5,379 :-Find deals
Book latest 10 February.

Viva Mexico

Cancun from 7,779 :-Find deals
Mexico City from 7,409 :-Find deals
Monterrey from 8,709 :-Find deals
Puerto Vallarta from 7,549 :-Find deals
Book by 15 February.

Special offers in Business Class

Bangkok from 15,999 :-Find deals
Beijing from 16,899 :-Find deals
Boston from 15,179 :-Find deals
Hong Kong from 16,999 :-Find deals
Kuala Lumpur from 18,999 :-Find deals
Los Angeles from 18,039 :-Find deals
Miami from 16,959 :-Find deals
New York from 14,719 :-Find deals
San Francisco from 16,459 :-Find deals
Shanghai from 16,999 :-Find deals
North America: Travel 21 March - 31 March 2016, 29 June - 4 September 2016. Advanced purchase: 90 days.
Asia: Advanced purchase: 90 days.


Atlanta from 4,159 :-Find deals
Boston from 4,039 :-Find deals
Chicago from 4,559 :-Find deals
Denver from 7,159 :-Find deals
Fort Lauderdale from 5,029 :-Find deals
Houston from 6,839 :-Find deals
Las Vegas from 4,729 :-Find deals
Miami from 5,029 :-Find deals
San Francisco from 3,939 :-Find deals
Washington from 6,259 :-Find deals
Book latest 15 February.


Amsterdam from 999 :-Find deals
Barcelona from 1,369 :-Find deals
Bordeaux from 2,309 :-Find deals
Florence from 1,669 :-Find deals
Madrid from 1,379 :-Find deals
Nice from 1,429 :-Find deals
Paris from 1,299 :-Find deals
Rome from 1,299 :-Find deals
Venice from 1,589 :-Find deals
Zurich from 1,379 :-Find deals
For European destinations advance purchase rules apply.

Special offers in Business Class

Buenos Aires from 17,699 :-Find deals
Havana from 18,499 :-Find deals
Lima from 19,499 :-Find deals
Punta Cana from 18,599 :-Find deals
Rio de Janeiro from 17,599 :-Find deals
Saint Martin from 20,199 :-Find deals
Santiago de Chile from 20,299 :-Find deals
Sao Paulo from 17,699 :-Find deals
South America: Travel 1 January - 23 June 2016. 22 August - 15 December 2016. Advanced purchase: 90 days.
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