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Europe and Americas

Top destinations

Amsterdam from SGD 1,506Find deals
London from SGD 1,820Find deals
Rome from SGD 1,532Find deals
Milan from SGD 1,542Find deals
Dublin from SGD 1,607Find deals
Manchester from SGD 1,618Find deals
Stockholm from SGD 1,534Find deals
Copenhagen from SGD 1,571Find deals
Oslo from SGD 1,531Find deals
Geneva from SGD 1,609Find deals
* All-in return fares ex Singapore. Minimum stay: 3 days. Maximum stay: 6 months. Change of dates is permitted with a fee of SGD 120. Anytime non-refundable. Change of routing is not permitted. Child discount: 25% of adult fare; Infant discount (without seat): 90% of adult fare. Valid on KLM or AIR FRANCE.

Bali Offers

Economy Class from SGD 256*Find deals
World Business Class from SGD 564**Find deals
*All-in return fares ex Singapore in Economy Class. Ticket validity: 1 month. Changes are permitted with a fee of SGD 24. Non-refundable.
**All-in return fares ex Singapore in World Business Class. Ticket validity: 1 year. Changes are permitted free and ticket is refundable. Administrative charges apply in case of cancellation.
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