Special meals on board

Do you prefer a vegetarian, kosher, halal or hindu meal on board? Or would you like to avoid gluten, lactose or calories? For intercontinental KLM flights you can order a variety of special meals.

Order your special meal

Special meals are free of charge and served exclusively on intercontinental KLM flights. Make sure to order until 24 hours (Kosher meals: until 48 hours) before departure. Ordering is easy on KLM.com. Simply select your preference when booking, or in My Trip. You can also contact us.

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Order a special meal

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Children’s meals

Bluey mascot plane

  • Baby meal: we recommend always bringing your baby’s food yourself. Any restrictions at the airport on bringing liquids do not apply to baby food. On intercontinental KLM flights, you will receive a complimentary Bluey bib. On those flights, we have only a limited number of sterilized meals available. You don't need to order these meals upfront.

  • Children: for intercontinental KLM flights you can order a Children’s meal free of charge. Besides a yummy dinner, your child will also find Bluey in its meal box.

Vegetarian meals

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian meal: this meal does not contain any meat, meat products or seafood, but may contain dairy products, eggs and vegetables.
  • Asian vegetarian meal: spicy vegetarian combinations with limited use of dairy products.
  • Vegetarian vegan meal: no animal products, eggs or dairy products.

Medical diets

KLM's medical diets
  • Diabetic meal: this meal is high in complex carbohydrates and fibre, has a low-fat content and contains little sugar.
  • Low-calorie meal: this meal is high in complex carbohydrates, fibre and unsaturated fat, has a low cholesterol level and contains little saturated fat.
  • Low salt meal: no salt added, highly salted ingredients omitted.
  • Gluten intolerant meal: ingredients used for these meals are verified by the manufactured label to ensure gluten is not present. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that the meal is 100% gluten free.
  • Lactose intolerant meal: dairy products are omitted. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that the meal is 100% lactose free.

Religious meal preferences

  • Halal meal: does not contain pork, pork by-products or food containing alcohol. All meats come from ritually slaughtered animals.
  • Kosher meal: food chosen, prepared and served in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and customs. Please order your Kosher meal at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Hindu meal: does not contain beef, beef derivatives, veal or pork.

Peanut and nut allergies

Our meals do not contain any whole or ground peanuts or peanut paste, but we cannot guarantee that KLM flights are 100% free of peanut contamination. On intercontinental flights, we serve a mixed nut snack in Business Class and almonds in Economy Class. Unfortunately, we are unable to serve you an alternative. It is also possible that other passengers have taken peanuts or other nuts on board with them.

If you have a serious peanut or other food allergy, do not forget to take your allergy medicine with you. You can also take your own meal with you, although we unfortunately cannot heat your meal because of safety rules on board. We recommend asking your doctor or KLM Cares about whether you should be travelling.

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