Mobile game: Aviation Empire

Want to be CEO of your own airline? Conquer the skies with KLM’s free 3D strategy game on iOS and Android.

Build your own airline

Aviation Empire Game

From your first aircraft to a worldwide network: become a truly global player by running a profitable airline while keeping your passengers happy with ever more destinations and better service!

With the game credits you earn you can buy the latest aircraft and landing rights, and keep on developing your airports. You can further expand and personalize your fleet with in-app purchases.


Play in reality too
Aviation Empire is not exclusively virtual: in the real world too you can build your airline. By checking in with GPS in real life at nearly 70 airports worldwide you get landing rights for those destinations in the game.

Play against your friends
In addition to game credits, your performance will be rewarded with badges, which you can share on social media. Leader boards show your position compared to your friends – and worldwide. And of course you can play across compatible devices. 

Download Aviation Empire

Download Aviation Empire for iOS and Android.

Share questions and suggestions with other players and the Aviation Empire developers on the Aviation Empire Facebook page.