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New security measures for flights to the United States and Canada

All electronic devices in the hand baggage of passengers from Amsterdam and Paris to the United States and to Canada will from now on undergo an extra security check at the gate.

Electronic devices in hand baggage

If you will be flying from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and from Paris – Charles de Gaulle to the United States or Canada, all your hand baggage will undergo an extra check at the gate. 

The extra security measure applies to all battery-operated electronics, including telephones, laptops, tablets, cameras, e-readers, handheld game consoles and MP3 players.

Every electronic device will need to be taken out of its protective sleeve, cover or bag. It will need to be switched on and be operative. If removing it from its cover and switching it on is not possible, the device cannot be taken on board.


What does this mean for you?

If you will be taking a flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or Paris - Charles de Gaulle to the United States or Canada, please make sure that any electronic device you bring meets above requirements.

We will do our very best to avoid queues and delays, and would kindly like to ask you to go to your departure gate well in time.

We wish you a great flight! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. View your contact options

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