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Incentive scheme

The number of Blue Credits your company earns depends on the origin, destination and booking class of your business flight. One Blue Credit equals one unit of your local currency – in Thailand, each Blue Credit equals 1 THB. Want to know how many Blue Credits your company will earn on a specific flight? Just see the schedule below.

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Incentive scheme

1 Blue Credit = 1 Thailand Baht

 Business Class Premium EconomyEconomy Class
Booking Classes on AF J/CI/Z  S/A/WY/B/MU/K/H/L Q/T/N
Booking Classes on KL J/CI/Z  -Y/B/MU/K/H/L  Q/T/N
Bangkok to France/Amsterdam 8,5006,500 5,200  3,6003,6001,100 600
Bangkok to Europe 9,7007,4005,750  3,9003,9001,300 600
Bangkok to World Wide  17,00013,000 10,400  1,600 7,2002,200 1,200
Domestic in France 000 000
  • This incentive scheme only applies to companies registered in Thailand BlueBiz program.  No rights can be derived from it.
  • Terms and conditions of BlueBiz program are applicable..
  • Example: Credits earned for a round-trip on Air France and KLM Economy Class (K) from:
    Bangkok - London - Bangkok : '= 1,300x 2 = 2,600 Blue Credits
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