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Incentive scheme

The number of Blue Credits your company earns depends on the origin, destination and booking class. 1 Blue Credit equals 1 unit of your local currency. Want to know how many Blue Credits your company will earn on a specific flight? Just see the schedule below.

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Incentive scheme

Effective 01/01/2014

Intercontinental flights

 La Première (AF
Business ClassPremium Economy (AF only)Economy
Booking classes on AF & KL P,F J,C D I,Z S,A,WY,B,M        U,K,H,LQ,T,NR,V,G (AF only)
Booking classes on KQ - JC,I,Z - -B,S,Y,XH,K,M,LQ,T,V,N-

South Africa to Europe

2500 1800 1200 1100 1000 70035017065

South Africa to Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Middle East via PAR or AMS

40003000 2000 2000 1500 1200750375 120

Intra Africa

 - 600 500 500 400 350 250 150 50

IntraEuropean flights

 Business Class


Booking classes on AFJCZW,S,A,YB,M,UK,HQ,T,EN,R,V,G
Booking classes on KLMJCZYB,M,UK,H,LQ,T,EN,R,V,G
Europe to Europe*50050045040030020010040

*do not apply on segments in connection with Intercontinental flights

Amount of Blue Credits earned on a one way trip.  

Blue Credits will be credited on the BlueBiz account 4 to 8 weeks after the flight took place.  

1 Blue Credit = 1 ZAR

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