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Travelling soon? Let us know about your experience at the airport!


KLM Feedback App

Because a smooth departure can make all the difference, we’d love to hear about your time at the airport.

When flying to, from or via the airport of Amsterdam, Accra, Almaty, Athens, Bangkok, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Curaçao, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kuwait, London, Madrid, Muscat, Osaka, Oslo, Singapore, Stockholm, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver or Zurich, you can use the free KLM Feedback App (available in English only). If necessary, our colleagues at those airports can immediately respond to your feedback – if needed and possible.

Here’s how the KLM Feedback App works:

  1. Select your airport and the airport area where you are at that moment
  2. Give a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’
  3. Enter a brief explanation
  4. Submit – and/or tweet your feedback

If you’d like us to reply, simply leave your e-mail address or Flying Blue number. You can rate each airport area once a day. You can also see how other travellers rated your airport in the last 24 hours.

Download the free KLM Feedback App:
Go to the iPhone App Store
Go to Google Play

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