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More than just water!

“KLM Aqua Services” – you’ll see our name on many vehicles crisscrossing the ramp at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. And we’re proud to say that we offer a lot more than just water and toilet services.

Aqua Services

One example is jet-starter equipment for aircraft without a serviceable APU. Last year, we took delivery of a dozen Lebrun air-conditioning units. These are used to cool and heat aircraft on the ramp, ensuring comfortable cabin temperatures for boarding passengers in winter and summer. Other perks include fewer delays and lower costs for jet fuel and maintenance of aircraft Auxiliary Power Units (APU).

Our ground staff always monitor cabin temperatures and, if necessary, provide cooling or heating on their own initiative, saving you the trouble.

Jetstarter services are available for aircraft with unserviceable APU’s. We use modern and powerful units able to handle all aircraft types.

We also keep your cockpit windows clean. Using a de-icing rig and clean water, our staff ensure that your pilots keep a sharp eye on things.

Naturally, we also supply aircraft with potable drinking water, come rain or shine, and adhering to strict procedures for hygiene and safety. Our water trucks are inspected twice a week and we clean and maintain them on a daily basis.




Toilet services are kept strictly separate from our water services, ensuring maximum hygiene. When servicing your aircraft, we use a toilet deodorant guaranteed to kill all bacteria and ensure the highest standard of passenger comfort. To help preserve the environment we moved to a different toilet fluid. 

KLM Aqua Services offers its expertise on contract or ad-hoc basis. Our services are provided by our dedicated and highly-experienced staff. We invite you to contact us by using the work order form on this website. We look forward to meeting your needs, whether they be warm, cold or wet!