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Gate or remote de-icing – safe, fast and efficient

KLM De-Icing Services


KLM De-Icing Services is the largest and most experienced provider of de-icing/anti-icing services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We offer customers our comprehensive range of services at the gate or at our remote de-icing positions. Remote de-icing is the safest, fastest and most efficient option. Your aircraft arrives for remote de-icing with the engines running. In close consultation with your cockpit crew, our supervisor directs Safeaero de-icing units to your aircraft. Within minutes, your aircraft is thoroughly de-iced and ready for a clean takeoff.

We make every effort to ensure that our teams are fully prepared for action, and we constantly seek ways to innovate our services, making them faster, better and more environmentally friendly.

Here’s how we work

  • Our dedicated Central De-Icing Facility at J Area(JPG, 109KB) opened in 2008.
  • Our De-Icing Control Tower(JPG, 66KB) opened in winter 2009-2010. From here we direct aircraft entering J Area to various remote positions. 
  • The tower ensures optimum use of each position, minimising waiting times and thus delays. On busy days, the part of the taxiway between Alpha 19 and Alpha 20(GIF, 99KB) is used to stack waiting aircraft. 
  • We use our TRADIS system(JPG, 326KB) to track taxiing aircraft on their way to remote de-icing locations. This enables us to continue delivering de-icing services in low-visibility conditions.
  • Our fleet of 24 Safeaero 220s(JPG, 69KB) serve various remote de-icing positions close to the takeoff runways, optimising operational efficiency.
  • In winter 2010-2011, we will take delivery of three more Safeaero 220s. This will enable us to open a 5th de-icing position served by four units.
  • We tested our Safeaero 220 on the mammoth Airbus A380 when it recently visited Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We can proudly confirm that we are A380 ready(JPG, 239KB)!

More about our services

  • We have a dynamic environmental policy and are constantly seeking ways to use less de-icing fluid and reduce operational impact on the environment. One example is our new Safeaero de-icing vehicles, which have reduced the volume de-icing fluid used by 50% percent. We also ensure that de-icing run-off is collected in waste basins and processed for re-use in other parts of the industry.
  • We also offer a preventative anti-icing program for aircraft making an overnight stop at Schiphol. By spraying the aircraft to prevent overnight ice build-up, your flight can leave without delay the next morning, saving potential costs and reducing passenger inconvenience.
  • We hold regular de-icing exercises in the run-up to the winter months. Operators, supervisors and other staff train together at our de-icing positions, with real aircraft and using water. This ensures that everyone is fully prepared to ensure operational safety and efficiently.

Join the KLM Icing Pool Schiphol!

If you like our approach, you are welcome to join the KLM Icing Pool Schiphol (KIPS). Becoming a member will ensure that all your de-icing and/or anti-icing needs are met at competitive rates, saving you the headache on busy winter days. Leave it to the professionals!