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Safely and swiftly – 96,000 times a year

KLM Aircraft Towing & Push-Back Services

Aircraft Towing

It’s always impressive to see a tiny tug moving a big bird – no matter how often you’ve seen it done. Helped along by heaps of horsepower, our drivers maneuver the aircraft safely and swiftly from stand to taxiway or position, as directed by the control tower. Experience is part of the package at KLM Aircraft Towing & Push-Back Services. It comes naturally when you handle 260 push-backs a day, which adds up to 96.000 a year!

To save on manpower and boost efficiency, KLM performs almost all push-backs with one-man vehicles. Our fleet of GHH push-back tugs assures us of state-of-the-art German reliability. We have 39 one-man tugs and eight conventional vehicles, giving us unrivalled capacity at Schiphol Airport. In short, we have what it takes to handle any type of aircraft.


Schiphol Airport

Towing Delta

Naturally, we also provide towing services for our customers at Schiphol Airport. We are currently one of only two operators that are permitted to tow aircraft to the maintenance area at Schiphol-East. And we’ll gladly move your aircraft to a temporary parking location at Schiphol-Center.

As a KLM department, we are well aware that airlines need to contain costs. Our drivers are therefore fully qualified to perform part of the pre-flight inspection, which means you won’t need to send in a ground engineer. In short, our customers can rest assured that we are always on the lookout for creative ways to offer better value for money, without jeopardizing quality, reliability, punctuality and safety.