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Cargo Transport

Air France and KLM work together in cargo transport. It is AIR FRANCE KLM Cargo's job to transport goods by air. Air cargo can include just about anything - flowers, computers, aircraft parts, mail, cats, and elephants. This business unit sees to it that cargo gets to the right place at the right time.

Almost all aircraft transport at least some cargo. KLM uses four aircraft that only transport cargo. In "combination" aircraft, the passengers sit in front and the cargo goes in back. Standard aircraft almost always carry some cargo in the baggage hold - in the aircraft belly. Every year, AIR FRANCE KLM transports about 1,m millions tons of cargo, of which KLM transports about 540,000 tons. Together with its partner airlines, AIR FRANCE KLM transport goods to about 350 destinations around the world.

About 1400 people work in KLM's cargo division at Schiphol. Most of these are experts in specific products. They know exactly what kind of packaging or handling is needed in the air. They work together in specialized teams handling animals, fresh vegetables, or giant machines.

Publication date : 14 June 2013