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An airport is a landing strip with lots of bells and whistles, but these are all well thought-out, designed to help passengers, cargo companies, and aircraft crews. The core of the airport is the runway on which aircraft take off and land. With the exception of the very smallest landing strips, every airport has an air traffic control tower from which the controllers assist departing and arriving aircraft. Also depending on their size, they have varying numbers of hangars and facilities for fuel, cargo storage, and baggage handling.



Extra Facilities

Highways in the air

Airports also have special facilities for passengers and crew such as check-in counters, information desks, lounges, restaurants, and shops. Sometimes there are banks, Internet cafes, and even little chapels. Airports have other businesses helping them, for instance, for catering and cleaning. Most airports also have their own fire station, medical services, and police.

Schiphol and KLM
Larger airports provide easy and fast connections overland to other areas. That means giving passengers the means to get into their cars and onto the highway quickly or boarding a train with ease. The same facilities must be there for cargo as well. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers all these things. It is a real trendsetter in the world of airports. Schiphol has been KLM's home base since the very beginning, and the two companies are inextricably linked.

Publication date : 09 October 2018