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Air France-KLM’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The annual CSR report published jointly by KLM and Air France contains an outline of all the results achieved by KLM and Air France over the past year in relation to sustainability. Within the context of our ongoing drive to reduce waste production, the report will only be published digitally.

Our strategy hinges on doing business in a way that generates added value for society at large. We’re proud of the fact that together with Air France, we’ve been listed amongst the leaders of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the airline category for 13 years in a row.


Different stakeholders

Our success certainly also stems from the fact that we cooperate with different parties throughout the chain. Together, we are capable of taking steps towards making the airline industry more sustainable by being open to new insights and innovative ideas, and by maintaining a healthy dialogue with our stakeholders. Not only do we assume responsibility in our capacity as an employer, we have formulated ambitious objectives focusing on energy, waste and catering.


Contributing towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has drafted a list of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to steer sustainable grown and investment, and offer guidelines for human rights, economic growth, peace and security, and climate. KLM mainly focuses on those goals it has most control over, such as “Decent work and economic growth” (8), “Responsible consumption and production” (12) and “Climate action” (13). In addition, we urge our suppliers to provide us with sustainable goods and services.

Click here for the complete CSR Report. You will also find our previous under “White papers & reports” on the klmtakescare.com platform, which offers more information on KLM’s initiatives in relation to CSR. Along with this, you can use the platform to share any ideas you may have on sustainability related to flying.

Publication date : 24 May 2018