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As a major corporation, KLM is aware of its role in society, both in the Netherlands and at the destination it offers to travellers. We want more than to simply add economic value: we are socially involved as well.

The partnership with Wings of Support is one example of this. Wings of Support is an independent organisation that was initiated by KLM employees. Its objective is to support children in countries to which KLM flies by facilitating education, reception facilities and medical assistance. Through these efforts, Wings of Support aims to realise long-term improvement in the children’s quality of life, right where they live. Funding for the aid projects is obtained through financial support from donor and sponsors, while the manpower is provided entirely by KLM volunteers.

KLM facilitates a range of charities (NGOs) by helping them reduce their travel expenses. Frequent flyers can opt to donate their Flying Blue Award Miles to a selection of NGOs. The organisations can use the Miles to purchase tickets, thereby saving money on travel.

Through KLM’s CO2ZERO programme, passengers can contribute (financially) to reducing their personal CO2 emissions. KLM invests these contributions in projects aimed at reducing CO2 and improving the living conditions of local populations. KLM chooses projects that meet the Gold Standard of Global Goals certification.

KLM’s efforts to preserve cultural heritage and - in more general terms - to help art and culture flourish are made evident in a number of partnerships. For instance, KLM supports the Royal Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, along with a number of renowned art museums and theatres in the Netherlands. In order to ensure a clear focus and apply the available means as efficiently as possible, KLM selects permanent partners for long-term collaboration.

KLM is part of the Mainport Schiphol; as one of the largest employers in the Netherlands, it provides jobs in and around the airport.

KLM takes an active stance with regard to its impact on the surrounding community and interacts with those who live near Schiphol. Members of the OmgevingsRaad Schiphol (ORS), an area council, discuss potential ways to minimise noise exposure. To that end, KLM has also made a financial contribution to insulating homes in the area surrounding Schiphol.

Learn more at www.klmtakescare.com.

Publication date : 28 November 2017