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The contemporary traveller, but also the cargo shipper and maintenance customer, requires as much flexibility and as many options as possible. Innovations, both visible (e-services) and behind the scenes (fleet, baggage etc.) meet the needs of the clients. Sustainability is a top priority in many innovations, because customers expect KLM to do its best in this area as well.



Efficiency is in everyones interest

Efficient flight not only serves punctuality. The optimal harmonisation of the connections in our network also helps the environment. We try to avoid ‘flying around’ as much as possible. Optimising airspace in a European context is high on KLM’s list of priorities.

Fuel-efficient flight is an important part of our operation. Reductions in weight lead to reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A whole range of onboard products has also been ‘slimmed down’. Separating and reducing waste, using environmentally friendly packaging, and providing sustainable food and drink are also some of our activities.



Travel with a policy

Travel, learning about other cultures, and enjoying the beauty of nature all play a  part in our lives. KLM also wants to continue to take people to interesting places on earth in the future. We are working on sustainable travel with different partners around the world.

Another option is to reduces one’s own personal CO2 footprint. This can be done through CO2ZERO. Here, travellers can invest in sustainable energy projects that have the WWF Gold Standard seal of approval.

More at klmtakescare.com.

Publication date : 9 June 2015