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Care for the environment is a cornerstone of KLM’s CSR policy. A healthy future for mankind and the planet – and hence a company like KLM – can only take root in a healthy environment.

A more sustainable operation is key and is not only unavoidable, it is also possible!

KLM also plays a pioneering role in environmental care ‘on the ground’. Almost all our ground vehicles use ‘red diesel’, which is low in sulphur and mixed with biodiesel. The measures we take go beyond what is legally required. This is illustrated by the agreements we have reached with the Dutch government on reducing energy consumption.



Waste and water

KLM regards the responsible processing of waste and water as a duty. The airline produces as little waste as possible and separates the rubbish that is produced. We are also operating a pioneering project which transforms waste into energy.



Less noise

Flight operations generate noise. KLM understands that people living near the airport can find this disturbing. In consultation with local residents, progressive measures are being taken around Schiphol to limit noise pollution. KLM also contributes financially to sound-insulation projects.



Environmentally friendly maintenance

Alongside the innovative Engine Water Wash, KLM Engineering & Maintenance has also developed other environmentally friendly techniques, including a sustainable painting method.



Sustainable cargo transportation

Energy-efficient cooling, lighter pallet nets, fee transportation of freight to disaster areas, and an effective compensation service are examples of how KLM Cargo meets its social responsibilities.

More at www.klmtakescare.com

Publication date : 9 June 2015