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Leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility

KLM’s pioneering role in international aviation naturally includes the principles of corporate social responsibility. At KLM, we look further than just healthy and economically sound operations, which is why we are increasingly integrating sustainability into our processes and policy. This enables KLM to take targeted steps to reduce its environmental footprint.

Through innovation and responsible choices, KLM is accepting its duty to society while making a valuable contribution to it as well. In order to take the best decisions possible, KLM maintains a constant dialogue with stakeholders at a variety of levels, within various alliances and in a regional, national and international context.

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KLM Takes Care


We are aware of our impact on society and the environment. While we naturally want to limit our environmental impact whenever possible, our ambition extends further. Not only is KLM working to find the best solutions for attaining that goal, it also pro-actively strives to make a positive contribution to society. And in those efforts, input from anyone with a good idea is welcome.

On the KLM Takes Care platform , you’ll find examples of what KLM is doing to achieve more sustainable aviation. The website also provides an opportunity to post reactions and share ideas. What’s more, you will be seeing this logo more and more often in future, featured on the sustainable products and services KLM offers its passengers.


Universal principles, ethical and honest action

KLM’s policy is in alignment with the universal principles laid out in the 1999 United Nations Global Compact. By signing the Global Compact, KLM indicates its intent to respect human rights and proper working conditions, to fight corruption and to minimise its own environmental footprint.

KLM views the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline for developing its own CSR policy. The 17 goals established by the United Nations provide a direction for sustainable growth and investment, while also devoting attention to human rights, economic growth, peace and security, and climate issues.

KLM is focusing primarily on those objectives on which it can exert the most influence, such as ‘Decent work and economic growth’ (8), ‘Responsible consumption and production’(12) and ‘Climate Action’(13). We additionally encourage our suppliers to deliver sustainable products or services.

Read more about the Smart and Sustainable Action Plan for Airtransport in the Netherlands

Ambitious and successful

Together with its partner Air France, KLM has adopted an ambitious policy. In fact, we issue a joint Sustainability Report, which is available in digital form on the KLM Takes Care platform , under results and reports.

We are proud to have held a top 2 position in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 13 years. KLM views this as confirmation that we are taking the right decisions when it comes to developing our sustainability policy.

Go to klmtakescare.com  to learn more about KLM and sustainability.

Publication date : 09 January 2019