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KLM sees sponsoring as a way to build lasting relationships with local, national, and international communities while expressing its social involvement. One of the sponsoring efforts concerns the charity program: KLM AirCares.

KLM AirCares was founded in 1999 based on the proposition that, as a socially responsible enterprise, KLM bears a responsibility to underprivileged children living in the countries to which it flies - countries in which the living conditions leave something to be desired. Since that time, AirCares has been supporting charitable organizations in sustainable projects which it chooses based on the local need. These projects all contribute to achievement of the UN's Millennium Development Goals. The main purpose of this support is to help bring about development which can contribute at a deeper level to improving these children's living conditions.



AirCares projects

The KLM AirCares program comprises projects that change on a regular base and four ongoing projects - Doctor2Doctor, Close the Cap, Aviation Without Borders and Wings of Support.
KLM generates as much publicity as it can for these projects using inflight promotional films, articles in KLM's magazines, by providing information on their corporate website and increasingly by Social Media. KLM also initiates special campaigns, takes part in fund-raising activities and offers logistic support. KLM offers passengers onboard and online the chance to make donations, as well for frequent flyers the opportunity to donate Flying Blue miles to an account on behalf of the beneficiary organization. This way tickets can be ordered from KLM, free of charge, thus saving on travel expenditure and freeing up budget to execute their programs.


Application for KLM AirCares

After more than 11 successful years the KLM AirCares concept is bound to be renewed, making it even more effective in its project support and achievements. In concert with the NGO partners and more appealing for customers to participate by donating miles or money. For the time being new applications can not be submitted.



KLM AirCares Sponsoring Criteria

  • KLM AirCares does not sponsor organizations or events associated in any way with alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • KLM AirCares does not sponsor organizations that discriminate according to religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or political beliefs.
  • KLM AirCares does not sponsor political organizations or events.
  • KLM AirCares does not sponsor organizations based on a specific religion or whose aim it is to promote a specific religion.
  • KLM AirCares does not sponsor any dangerous sports.
  • KLM AirCares does not sponsor individual students, students parties, or student travel.
  • KLM AirCares does not honor any requests allowing free transport of excess baggage.
Publication date : 9 June 2015