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At KLM it’s our staff who make the difference. By making the best possible use of everyone’s individual capabilities, KLM has remained a leader in the international airline industry. KLM offers its staff a stimulating work environment.

KLM keeps a close watch on social developments and offers its staff employment terms and conditions in line with, or exceeding, those trends. Prevention is a central theme in our HR policy. The organisation stimulates its staff to lead healthy lives and supports them wherever possible in their efforts. KLM creates the conditions that help staff strike the right work-life balance according to their own wishes.



KLM staff are responsible for their own, personal development. But KLM helps them with this in a number of ways. Staff can take advantage of a variety of opportunities whether in the form of company activities or positions at work.

In a sector such as the airline industry, things are in a constant state of change. To remain in the lead - and be a Smart Leader at that - doing business and taking the initiative are of vital importance. These are part of KLM’s company DNA. Staff have to feel responsible for their daily activities and personal development. So KLM motivates them and paves the way by providing career training, financial aid for schooling, internal training and an active management development programme.



KLM is innovative in its HR policy. This was clear to see during the worldwide financial crisis which took hold in 2008. Instead of implementing forced redundancies, KLM kept its nerve and held the family together. KLM did not take on any new staff from outside the KLM Group. KLM asked for as much flexibility from its staff as they could offer, including taking on other jobs, whether temporarily or permanently.

For instance, there were pilots operating passenger boarding bridges and working in baggage basements, stewardesses doing secretarial work, and office staff who - in addition to their own work - were volunteering in the operational departments. In this way KLM was able to brave the bad weather without a single layoff in the Netherlands. KLM kept its family together.

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Publication date : 9 June 2015