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Together with Air France, KLM is Europe’s leading aviation group. Outside Europe, AIR FRANCE KLM also has the ambition to rank among the world’s top 10 airlines.


Innovative and entrepreneurial

The role of pioneer is in KLM’s blood. Due to its small domestic market, KLM has always looked beyond the borders and thought ahead. Innovation is a necessity in order to be and stay the first choice for critical customers. KLM therefore puts a lot of time and energy into developing new products and services. This applies to Passage, Cargo and Engineering & Maintenance.


Driving successful alliances and partnerships

Thanks to its partnerships, KLM has been able to grow into a global player with an exceptional network. In 1989, with Northwest Airlines, KLM was the first to enter a transatlantic partnership. That was followed by partnerships with Kenya Airways, the merger with Air France and the accession to SkyTeam, for example. This has enabled KLM and its partners to have the largest number of and most unique destinations worldwide. KLM’s sights are set on emerging markets such as China and India. And KLM was the driving force behind the Open Skies agreement, enabling it to expand its network in the US.


KLM staff bring KLM to life

KLM looks towards the future, together with Air France. Thanks to the merger, new opportunities can be utilised and viability increased. In order to realise the ambitions for a healthy future, we depend on the commitment of all KLM staff. Every day, they take care of our passengers and our Cargo and Engineering & Maintenance customers.

Publication date : 28 November 2017