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Sydney’s botanic gardens

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens boast an exceptional location: east of the Opera House and overlooking the Harbour Bridge. The gardens offer a beautiful nature setting. Nearby you will also find Farm Cove, the first farm on Australian soil. This is a wonderful spot for a relaxing outing and to learn more about Australian flora.

The gardens are the oldest scientific institute on this continent. Founded in 1816, the gardens house a great collection of wonderful biodiversity. Two centuries ago, settlers planted Australia’s first European vegetable garden at this very location. In the early days, the gardens played an important role in acclimatising new plants that were brought to this continent. Today, visitors can enjoy a collection with more than a million varieties, some even dating back to the period of the first settlers.

The botanic gardens with Sydney’s skyline
The botanic gardens with Sydney’s skyline


Roses and Crassulas

Locals love to walk and picnic in these gardens. A large network of walking trails and lawns offer plenty of room for these activities. Daily guided tours inform visitors about the large variety of species and the importance of these plants for Australia’s ecosystems. One part of the garden is dedicated to rare and endangered plant species from around the world. One of the species on display is the recently rediscovered Wollemi-pine. A rich history and growing collection of art make the gardens a wonderful attraction. The path that runs along the spectacular Sydney Harbour (in the direction of Mrs Macquarie's Chair) is particularly beautiful around sunset for the best views across the water.
Bamboo in the Oriental garden