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Curaçao’s most beautiful beaches

Gorgeous beaches are one of the main attractions of Curaçao. The island has dozens of sheltered bays devoid of the crowds you may find on the more famous beaches. With so many different stretches of sand to choose from, there is always something fun to do: enjoy a delicious barbecue with the locals or relax on a luxurious lounge bed and sip a refreshing cocktail.

Curaçao offers a variety of beaches, ranging from freely accessible beaches with little or no facilities, to private beaches that charge a (usually modest) admission fee and offer changing rooms, showers, massages and water sports activities such as canoeing, water-skiing and kite-surfing. Many beaches also make great snorkelling destinations, no boat required. Locals will know where to find the most beautiful beaches, often far from the purpose-designed packed ones of Willemstad. Below you'll find a description of Curaçao’s top 3 beaches preferred by the locals.

Grote Knip, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Curaçao
Grote Knip, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Curaçao


Blauwbaai, a luxurious private beach

Blauwbaai: luxury beach with swimming pool

Curaçao’s largest beach, Blauwbaai, is far enough from Willemstad that on most weekdays it remains blissfully quiet. The beach is part of the luxury Blue Bay Resort, but visitors can buy a day pass for 15 Antillean guilders. The resort offers outstanding facilities: secure parking, a restaurant and beach bar, deck chairs underneath palm trees and palapas (parasols with a thatched cover), canoe and sailboat rental, a diving school, a massage pavilion and even a swimming pool. A truly luxurious beach destination. Waiters will bring you a cocktail as you bask in the glorious sunshine.

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Blauwbaai, Sint Michiel, Curaçao

Daaibooibaai: a day on the beach with Kees

Approximately 10 km further north lies Daaibooibaai, a quiet public beach with some sun chairs underneath palm trees and palapa parasols. The friendly owner of the beach restaurant serves drinks and snacks in addition to providing helpful information about this pristine part of the coastline. Combine a visit to this beach with a walk along one of the coastal trails or visit the nearby saltpan to look for pink flamingos.

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Daaibooibaai, Banda Abou, Curaçao

Fearless cliff diver at Grote Knip

Grote Knip: barbecues and cliff divers

As a general rule, the further away from Willemstad the quieter the beaches. One exception to the rule is Grote Knip, a very popular destination for locals, especially on Sundays when people gather here for a barbecue. It is the quintessential tropical beach with white sand, swaying palm trees, turquoise sea water and lounge beds in the shade of the palapa parasols. The crescent-shaped bay is protected on both sides by sheer cliffs. On warm tropical days, teenagers both delight and terrify beach visitors by jumping off these towering cliffs. The next bay over is Kleine Knip, the small and lively sister beach to Grote Knip.

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Grote Knip, Lagun, Curaçao

Photo credits

  • Blauwbaai, a luxurious private beach: GH Cheng, Flickr
  • Daaibooibaai: Ven a Curacao, Flickr
  • Fearless cliff diver at Grote Knip: Ven a Curacao, Flickr