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Romantic getaway on the tropical island of Curaçao

Curaçao is a popular honeymoon destination. It is easy to see why: dreamy tropical beaches, luxury resorts, excellent restaurants, and almost year-round sunshine. On a sultry evening enjoy a candlelight dinner overlooking the colourful warehouses in Punda and you may never want to leave this paradise. But even without getting married, this tropical Caribbean island offers the perfect romantic getaway.

Practically everything on Curaçao exudes romance. Savour a long lunch on a patio at Fort Nassau with a panoramic view of colonial Willemstad, take a yoga class for two in a pristine natural setting, or relax in a hammock while sipping a cocktail on the magnificent beach of Cas Abou. Other options include a massage on the beach, stewed iguana for lunch and lounging on Love Beach. Below you will find 3 great tips for a day filled with romance.

Romance for two on the beach
Romance for two on the beach


Massage for two

Massage for 2 on a paradise beach

Kurá Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club in remote Westpunt is one of the most idyllic hotels on Curaçao. But there is more to this hotel than the luxurious suites and a great restaurant on a beautiful beach: upon request, the staff will put massage tables on Playa Kalki and offer a relaxing massage for 2 in the warm sea breeze. With jagged limestone cliffs on one side and the turquoise sea on the other, you can relax with your loved one and enjoy a soothing massage.

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Kurá Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club, Playa Kalki 1, Westpunt, Curaçao, 

Aphrodisiac iguana soup at Jaanchie

There is no menu at Jaanchie’s Restaurant, because friendly Mr Jaanchie will personally come to your table and tell you what’s cooking that day. The daily dishes vary according to the catch brought in by local fishermen, and everything is prepared Creole-style. However, one ingredient is always available: iguana. Although the reptile is officially protected, this is the only spot on Curaçao where it is legal to eat iguana. Jaanchie will be more than happy to explain what is so romantic about a bowl of iguana stew.

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Only Jaanchie's is authorized to serve iguana

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Jaanchie’s Restaurant, Weg naar Westpunt z/n, Westpunt, Curaçao
Playa Santa Cruz

Visit Love Beach with Captain Goodlife

Captain Goodlife enjoys the good life on his beach in Santa Cruz and loves to share this with others. Book his water taxi and the captain will be happy to take you to the best spots around Westpunt. Explore the underwater forest of mushroom coral formations or snorkel to the Blue Chamber. To reach this fairy-tale cave, you will have to swim 3 metres under water. The captain will also visit small bays that are only accessible by boat, such as the black beach of Playa Pretu and Love Beach – the ultimate romantic destination.

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Let’s Go Watersports, Playa Santa Cruz, Banda Abou, Curaçao, 

Photo credits

  • Only Jaanchie's is authorized to serve iguana: Meindert van D, Flickr