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Arts & Culture holidays


Spectacular paintings and enchanting culture

Looking for the best arts and culture holidays? Your cultural holiday starts with KLM. Peruse the art galleries in Berlin and admire paintings by a large variety of artists. Or soak up the culture in Brazil and dance the nights away to the rhythmic music. Enjoy a great cultural getaway!

Brilliant artists

From Aboriginal drawings in Australia to brightly coloured paintings from Africa: everybody loves beautiful art. Admire world-famous paintings such as the Night Watch and Starry Night by Dutch masters in Amsterdam. Or admire the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Perhaps modern art is more your thing? The abstract paintings by Pablo Picasso are beautifully displayed in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. And Andy Warhol’s pop art is a star attraction at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Expect to be surprised: book your arts and culture holiday now!

Staying with locals

The best way to learn about the culture of a country is to spend a night with a local family. Spend the night with a host family in a house on stilts in Laos and bathe in the river among the cows and the laundry. Or spend the night with the Iban tribe deep in the Malaysian jungle and enjoy some home-brewed rice wine. You may also explore more ancient cultures. Take a multi-day hike to Machu Picchu and discover how the Inca accessed this city so far from the inhabited world. These cultural holidays will leave an unforgettable impression!

Flights to amazing arts and culture holidays

Looking for a cheap ticket to the best arts and culture destinations in the world? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on a cultural holiday before you know it.

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Arts & Culture: all destinations

Otava USD 2627
Chengdu USD 2849
Phnom Penh USD 3113
Estocolmo USD 1881
Brasília USD 1939
Rabat USD 1906
Zurique USD 1403
Dallas USD 2864
Lafayette USD 3019
Omaha USD 3019
Porto Alegre USD 1939
Aalborg USD 1898
Barcelona USD 1489
Cincinnati USD 2653
Regina USD 3070
Quimper USD 1445
Baton Rouge USD 3019
Clermont-Ferrand USD 1427
Burlington USD 2864
Valência USD 1480
Florença USD 1419
Curitiba USD 1940
Budapeste USD 1903
Buenos Aires USD 1964
São Francisco USD 2647
Burbank USD 2653
Raleigh/Durham USD 2648
Kansas City USD 3019
Lyon USD 1527
Tóquio USD 2518
Gotemburgo USD 1878
Berlim USD 1342
Hamburgo USD 1335
Little Rock USD 3019
Cidade de Ho Chi Minh USD 3002
Havana USD 3070
Praga USD 1845
Moline USD 3019
Ljubljana USD 1659
Monroe USD 3059
Pisa USD 1632
Wausau USD 3019
Durham USD 1566
Xi An USD 2873
Bergen USD 2842
Alesund USD 3089
Edmonton USD 3036
Kiev USD 1537
Birmingham, AL USD 3019
Varsóvia USD 1884
Belo Horizonte USD 1940
Toulon USD 1530
Osaka USD 2522
Tel Aviv USD 1663
Pau USD 1647
Portland, OR USD 2647
Winnipeg USD 2704
Bilbau USD 1480
Oslo USD 1841
Humberside USD 1618
Helsínquia USD 1835
Frankfurt/Main USD 1359
Moscovo USD 1692
Vaasa USD 1923
Rio de Janeiro USD 1924
Nápoles USD 1555
Cleveland USD 3015
Providência USD 2864
Saskatoon USD 3067
Lincoln USD 3019
Cidade de Salt Lake USD 2647
Guadalajara USD 3306
Cidade de Guatemala USD 2370
Villahermosa USD 3298
Hangzhou USD 2621
Londres USD 1424
Perpignan USD 1586
Madrid USD 1291
Kalamazoo USD 3019
Newcastle USD 1558
Veneza USD 1424
Billund USD 1835
Bolonha USD 1418
Denpasar-Bali USD 2624
Taipé USD 2611
Bangalore USD 2532
Grand Forks USD 3159
Filadélfia USD 2073
Fukuoka USD 2522
Nurenberga USD 1440
Phoenix USD 3315
Missoula USD 3019
Mineápolis USD 2647
Koh Samui USD 2505
Albany, NY USD 2864
Southampton USD 1415
Lansing USD 3059
Copenhaga USD 1844
Petersburgo USD 2649
Dayton USD 3019
Qingdao USD 2558
Trondheim USD 2866
Sapporo USD 2947
Turim USD 1522
Bordéus USD 1521
Eugene USD 3739
Bogotá USD 2348
Des Moines USD 3019
Norwich USD 1616
Amesterdão USD 1903
Cantão USD 2208
Roma USD 1533
Nagóia USD 2536
São Paulo USD 1924
Cidade do México USD 3241
Sarasota USD 3099
Columbus, GA USD 3099
Nova Iorque USD 2063
Salvador USD 1939
Deli USD 2066
S. Petersburgo USD 1714
Baku USD 2643
Denver USD 3315
Tunis USD 2173
Montgomery USD 3059
Tucson USD 3739
Bremen USD 1443
Jackson, MS USD 3019
Glasgow USD 1557
Santiago do Chile USD 2525