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Nature holidays


Vast savannahs and gurgling waterfalls

Looking for a destination with breathtaking nature? Book flights with KLM and fly to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Spot exotic animals in tropical rainforests or hike through endless rice fields in Asia. From the snow-capped peaks in the Himalayas to the golden sand dunes of the Sahara in Africa: each continent has its own highlights.

Hiking trails and wild animals

An adventurous holiday packed with activities! Looking for a hiking holiday? Lace up your walking shoes and descend deep into the Grand Canyon in the United States or admire unique birds in the Amazon jungle. There are also plenty of underwater attractions. Snorkel among tropical fish in Thailand or go scuba-diving on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Perhaps you will encounter a whale shark, the largest fish in the world! Expect to be surprised: book your trip to beautiful nature destinations now.

Go on an expedition through beautiful national parks

There are national parks all around the world, protected nature reserves that are home to unique animals and plants. Always wanted to see a giraffe in the wild? Then Africa is the place to be! This is the content for wildlife spotting and impressive safari tours. Drive a Jeep across the savannahs of Kruger National Park or canoe amongst the hippos in Zimbabwe. The first National Park in the world is in the United States: Yellowstone National Park. This is one of the best places in the world to watch active geysers and colourful hot springs. The still active Old Faithful geyser will leave you speechless.

Book flights to the most beautiful nature trips

Looking for a cheap flight to breathtaking nature destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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Nature: all destinations

Chengdu USD 2623
Brasília USD 1937
Pensacola USD 3018
Manchester, NH USD 4091
Kuala Lumpur USD 2512
Porto Alegre USD 1938
Seattle USD 2647
Houston USD 3070
Rochester, MN USD 3018
Quito USD 2368
Quimper USD 1253
Clermont-Ferrand USD 1235
Burlington USD 3151
Stavanger USD 2840
Florianópolis USD 2155
Dothan USD 3158
Gainesville USD 3382
Curitiba USD 1938
Valdosta USD 3158
Albuquerque USD 3018
Búfalo USD 2859
Buenos Aires USD 1963
Ontário USD 2652
Albany, GA USD 3098
Redmond, OR USD 3856
São Francisco USD 2647
Wenzhou USD 2556
Milwaukee USD 3018
Gotemburgo USD 1874
Knoxville USD 3018
Hanôver USD 1440
Lima USD 2340
Fort Myers USD 2773
Tijuana USD 3293
Harrisburg USD 3018
Harbin USD 2556
Chattanooga USD 3018
Appleton USD 3018
El Paso USD 3018
Charlottesville USD 3323
Belfast USD 1400
Toronto USD 2625
Monroe USD 3058
Cedar Rapids USD 3018
Austin USD 3014
Pasco USD 3778
Wausau USD 3018
Fortaleza USD 1922
Huntsville USD 3018
Bangor USD 2859
Alesund USD 2840
Alexandria USD 3058
Edmonton USD 3035
Green Bay USD 3018
Asheville USD 3018
Oakland USD 3738
Duluth USD 3098
Manila USD 2535
Tallahassee USD 3018
Cidade de Panamá USD 2349
Vancouver USD 3027
Belo Horizonte USD 1938
São José USD 2395
Bastia USD 1995
Chongqing USD 2871
Billings USD 3018
Greenville, SC USD 3018
Portland, OR USD 2647
Winnipeg USD 2699
Oslo USD 1839
Augusta USD 3098
Bismarck USD 3098
Humberside USD 1404
Helsínquia USD 1834
Busan USD 2615
Vaasa USD 1920
Fresno USD 3738
Rio de Janeiro USD 1923
Cleveland USD 3014
Natal USD 2036
Calvi USD 1996
Sioux Falls USD 3018
Nairóbi USD 848
Calgary USD 3035
Hangzhou USD 2619
Vitória USD 3061
Jacarta USD 2510
Genebra USD 1694
Ajaccio USD 1995
Manaus USD 2178
Erie USD 3018
Tampa USD 3014
Denpasar-Bali USD 2623
Bangalore USD 2529
Bloomington USD 3098
Phoenix USD 3314
Colorado Springs USD 3018
Columbus, MS USD 3158
Missoula USD 3018
Madison USD 3018
Peoria USD 3018
Mineápolis USD 2647
Dayton USD 3018
Lorient USD 1254
Guaiaquil USD 3142
Eugene USD 3738
Bogotá USD 2347
Boise USD 3018
Goiânia USD 2372
Rochester, NY USD 2859
Akron USD 3018
Anchorage USD 3468
Cayenne USD 7962
Tenerife USD 1645
Charleston, WV USD 3018
Helena USD 3058
Vaxjo USD 1874
Kristiansand USD 2840
Inverness USD 1291
Columbus, GA USD 3098
Medford USD 3738
Nova Berna USD 3343
Fayetteville, AR USD 3018
Cidade de Oklahoma USD 3018
Trat USD 2430
Denver USD 3314
Jackson, WY USD 3018
Luxemburgo USD 1499
Caracas USD 2425
Xiamen USD 2507
Glasgow USD 1344
Santiago do Chile USD 2524