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Great heights in Pudong

The Pudong skyscrapers are the pride of Shanghai. The Shanghai Tower, the second highest building in the world, was recently added to the Shanghai skyline, transforming the business district at the Huangpu River into a world-class destination.

Pudong, on the east bank of the river, is the newest district of the metropolis. Only 30 years ago, this area was covered with green rice fields. Now you can look out over the city from the top of some of the world’s tallest hotels, almost 500 metres above the ground. If the city becomes too much for you, take refuge in the Lujiazui greenbelt. The park’s pond is shaped like Pudong and planted around the pond are magnolias, the city’s symbol.

The skyline of Pudong: Lujiazui
The skyline of Pudong: Lujiazui


From concrete and steel to lush green

There is a lot more to Pudong’s architecture than skyscrapers. Century Avenue is the 5-km-long boulevard that runs through the neighbourhood and connects the concrete buildings with the green vegetation. The street’s landscape design is quite unique: 8 botanical gardens have been integrated into the asymmetrical traffic lanes. Named after Chinese trees, the gardens are home to more than 80,000 plants and symbolise the region's sustainable development. The green boulevard runs from the highest skyscrapers to the largest city park, Century Park.
Century Avenue at night
The Maglev levitation train

The fastest train in the world

The fastest train in the world runs between Pudong airport and the business district. Or rather, it flies. The Maglev, the only commercial levitation train in the world, hovers one centimetre above the track. Reaching a record speed of 430 kilometres per hour, the train zooms into the city. It only takes 7 minutes to reach Pudong.

The Shanghai of the future

The number of residents in Shanghai grows by the minute and each new skyscraper surpasses the last in height and design. The local government is always trying to stay one step ahead of progress and displays its city plans in the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. The exhibit, spread out over 2 storeys, shows both the historic Pearl of the Orient as well as one of the world’s busiest cities. The highlight is the miniature city, which shows the city - including all the high rises to be built by 2020 - in miniature.

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The sky is the limit for Shanghai’s construction

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