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Ocean Park’s top attractions

Referring to Ocean Park as an amusement park hardly does it justice. Founded in 1977, Hong Kong’s oldest amusement park offers so much more than just a few rides and roller coasters. Ocean Park encompasses a zoo, oceanarium, amusement park and research centre all in one. Animal welfare is one of the park’s top priorities and the various laboratories carry out important research.

Ocean Park is quite large and consists of 2 parts: the Waterfront and the Summit, connected by a gondola over the South China Sea - an attraction in itself. The park offers a unique combination of entertainment and education and is a perfect place for the whole family to visit.

Aerial tram in Ocean Park
Aerial tram in Ocean Park

Hong Kong

The giant panda in Ocean Park

A close-up encounter with a giant panda

Ocean Park is famous for its enormous collection of animals: one of the biggest and most interesting collections throughout all of Asia. The most noteworthy animals are the 4 giant pandas that live in the Giant Panda Adventure. Jia Jia and An An have lived in Ocean Park since 1997 and were joined in 2007 by Le Le and Ying Ying. The bears are real superstars in Hong Kong. The impressive accommodations of these 4 animals are inspired by their natural habitat. To come eye-to-eye with a giant panda is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The Hair Raiser roller coaster in Ocean Park

Adrenaline in the Hair Raiser

A roller coaster named Hair Raiser leaves little to the imagination. Daredevils will enjoy this literally hair-raising ride. Even real thrill seekers will need to catch their breath after a ride with speeds that reach 88 kilometres an hour and some amazing G-force loops. But try to keep your eyes open on the way down so you don’t miss the great view over the South China Sea.

Discover old Hong Kong

Old Hong Kong underlines the great diversity of Ocean Park. This section of the park takes visitors back to the Hong Kong of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. This may not sound that exciting, but the exhibit is surprisingly interesting. The Heritage Tram takes you through the old streets and to various highlights of the city, including a replica of the former clock tower of the Star Ferry. Don't be surprised if you suddenly spot an English telephone box: the British influences from the colonial era are also on display here.

Travel back in time to Old Hong Kong

Embark on an adventure with penguins and walruses

Polar Adventure is one of the newest attractions in Ocean Park. This ice-cold adventure gives visitors the chance to peek under the ice through an underwater tunnel. The area is also home to a large colony of King Penguins. A sweater or light jacket is recommended because the temperatures in Polar Adventure are kept low for the comfort of the animals. For a more exciting polar adventure, ride the Arctic Blast, a roller coaster in the shape of a bobsled.

King Penguins in Polar Adventure
Symbio: a spectacular water show

Breathtaking water show in Chinese style

Conclude your visit at Aqua City to watch Symbio, a spectacular water show with hundreds of fountains that perform a choreography set to uplifting music. Amidst the roaring water display, a large screen displays a battle between 2 dragons, accompanied by dazzling light and sound effects. The dragons tell a morality tale about harmony between humanity and earth and the need to protect our planet.