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Shanghai nights

Shanghai’s nightlife is centred around the west bank of the Huanpu River. Luxury hotels along the Bund offer their rooftop patios for a fabulous view of the illuminated skyscrapers. At the circus, acrobats dazzle the audience with spellbinding performances, and local theatres host many classic and dramatic Chinese operas.

Jing'an is the central part of the city and the People’s Park is its vibrant green heart. The neighbourhood is named after the Jing'an Buddhist temple and is one of Shanghai’s most densely populated districts. Any time of day, the roads and shopping streets are packed with traffic and people. Even at night there is always something going on.

The Jing'an temple at night
The Jing'an temple at night


Sir Elly's rooftop terrace

Cocktails with a view

Several tall buildings have sacrificed either their top floor ¬or roof to make room for a cocktail bar. Here you can sip an elegant cocktail while taking in the best views. 

  • Kathleen 5 Rooftop Restaurant & Bar: look out over the People’s Park from the roof of the Shanghai Art Museum 
  • Sir Elly’s Terrace: the roof boasts a spectacular view of the river and Pudong
  • Sky Dome Bar: enjoy an unparalleled 360 degree view from the UFO-shaped bar on the 47th floor

Death-defying stunts

Shanghai Circus World is not a traditional circus. What you will see in this permanent circus tent is a stunning theatre show of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts combined with modern technology. Admire the man who juggles with porcelain jugs. Or watch a handful of motorcycle riders race inside a round steel cage – even upside down and in the dark.
Stunt riders on their motorcycles
A scene from a Kunqu opera

Singing and fighting for love

The Yifu Theater is Shanghai’s premier opera venue. This is where you will find the world-famous Beijing opera which often features impossible love stories. Using perfectly honed hand gestures and facial expressions, the performers sing, speak and fight in lavishly coloured costumes. The Kunqu opera, the oldest form of Chinese opera, consists of singing accompanied by bamboo flutes, a drum, wooden rattles and gongs. The instruments play an important role in accentuating the gestures and emotions.