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Historical sites & holiday destinations


Stroll through ancient sites

Looking for a destination with a fascinating past? Discover the most beautiful historical destinations in the world with KLM. Stroll around ancient excavated villages in Europe. Or spend a few days with your children exploring the American Museum of Natural History in New York where evolution comes to life. History fascinates!

Historic treasures

From the kilometres-long Chinese Wall in China to the stone city of Petra in Jordan: the world is full of historical sites. Take Italy for example. Visit famous cities such as Pompeii, unearthed after years hidden under a layer of ash. Visit the Colosseum in Rome or admire the Spanish Steps. Would you like to learn more about the Mayan culture? Mexico offers a wealth of historical sites. Visit the city of Chitzen Itza, full of famous Mayan ruins. This is one of the 7 modern wonders of the world! Expect to be surprised: book a flight to some amazing historical destinations now!

Learn from history

There are also important sites around the world that show the dark side of history. Concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland is one of the most moving monuments remembering victims of World War 2. Words cannot express what happened here. Another chilling monument can be found at the Killing Fields in Cambodia where horrific cruelties took place not that long ago. Fortunately there are also less sombre monuments, such as the world-famous temple complex packed with history at Angkor Wat.

Flights to an impressive historical holiday

Looking for a cheap ticket to historical destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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História: todos os destinos

Zagreb BRL 3967
Bristol BRL 4410
Bruxelas BRL 2963
Phnom Penh BRL 7238
Stuttgart BRL 3862
Rabat BRL 5000
Matsuyama BRL 5874
Lamezia-Terme BRL 3948
Nouakchott BRL 6822
Nanjing BRL 6284
Milão BRL 2389
Iasi BRL 4580
Seoul BRL 6269
Quimper BRL 4253
Clermont-Ferrand BRL 4314
Valência BRL 3146
Florença BRL 3420
Brindisi BRL 3934
Bucareste BRL 4034
Guiyang BRL 6526
Gênova BRL 2720
Aberdeen BRL 4367
Cardiff BRL 4402
Jeddah BRL 5605
Zhengzhou BRL 5531
Istanbul BRL 4034
Tirana BRL 5469
Berlim BRL 3528
Brest BRL 4295
Hanói BRL 8555
Atenas BRL 3763
Lisboa BRL 2903
Cidade Ho Chi Minh BRL 6637
Siem Reap BRL 7804
Estrasburgo BRL 3634
Adis Abeba BRL 5994
Xangai BRL 5469
Belfast BRL 4427
Shenyang BRL 5527
Vílnius BRL 3976
Pisa BRL 3545
Bangui BRL 6162
Xi An BRL 6287
Kiev BRL 4441
Varsóvia BRL 3979
Birmingham BRL 4054
Talim BRL 3971
Lilongwe BRL 6051
Toulon BRL 3725
Toulouse BRL 3679
Bastia BRL 4351
Osaka BRL 5517
Chongqing BRL 6284
Bilbao BRL 3528
Conakry BRL 7357
Moscow BRL 4516
Cluj BRL 4603
Pequim BRL 5469
Verona BRL 3345
Figari BRL 4351
Bamako BRL 6427
Kumamoto BRL 5876
Wuhan BRL 6227
Komatsu BRL 5874
Lagos BRL 6065
Madrid BRL 2625
Newcastle BRL 4212
Ajaccio BRL 4352
Veneza BRL 3368
Nantes BRL 3689
Linköping BRL 4258
Bolonha BRL 3347
Vientiane BRL 7710
Bangalore BRL 5451
Marselha BRL 3704
Fukuoka BRL 5525
Cotonou BRL 6218
Hiroshima BRL 5874
Sofia BRL 3931
Luanda BRL 5948
Alicante BRL 3536
Southampton BRL 4048
Argel BRL 4966
Joanesburgo BRL 6261
Mascate BRL 5534
Leeds BRL 4239
Edimburgo BRL 4211
Lorient BRL 4255
Turim BRL 2444
Trieste BRL 3347
Bordeaux BRL 3576
Rennes BRL 3971
Munique BRL 3221
Amã BRL 5309
Mumbai/Bumbai BRL 5441
Hong Kong BRL 5574
Amsterdã BRL 2788
Cagliari BRL 3838
Ningbo BRL 6284
Cairo BRL 5153
Larnaca BRL 4048
Roma BRL 3131
Casablanca BRL 4999
Nagoya BRL 5548
Nagasaki BRL 5876
Yerevan BRL 4909
Vigo BRL 4046
Cracóvia BRL 3996
Lourdes BRL 4192
Cartum BRL 5807
Vaxjo BRL 4165
Dublín BRL 3649
Bahrein BRL 5493
São Petersburgo BRL 4517
Baku BRL 4986
Tunis BRL 4999
Palma de Maiorca BRL 3910
Viena BRL 3792
Palermo BRL 3580
Bremen BRL 3878
Bari BRL 3557
Xiamen BRL 6231