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Music & Nightlife


From intimate concerts to large festivals

Looking for a musical holiday? Discover the best night clubs, bars, concerts and international festivals all around the world with KLM. Enjoy nostalgic fado music in Portuguese restaurants and visit trendy bars and clubs in Las Vegas. Dance lovers can party their hearts out on the Spanish island of Ibiza. All summer the most famous DJs in the world spin their tunes in the big nightclubs. Life is one big party!

Dress up and sing along

Swing your hips during Brazilian carnival or sing along with popular schlager songs at Germany’s Oktoberfest. All around the world, the most amazing festivals are celebrated. Nothing is for sale at the Burning Man festival in the United States but you can have a lot of fun exchanging items with other festival goers. So make sure to stock up on supplies and don’t forget to bring some colourful dress-up clothes! Celebrate Thai New Year during Songkran in Bangkok. Fill up your water gun and tuck away your camera: this celebration is a great excuse for the biggest water fight in the world. Expect to be surprised: book a holiday to the best music and nightlife destinations now!

Music for everyone

Tango in Argentina and opera in Italy. Music is strongly associated with culture. Visit Jamaica for tropical reggae tunes. If you would rather stomp your cowboy boots to the songs of Johnny Cash, then head to Nashville in the United States. But this country offers much more than just country music... Sway to soul music in Memphis or listen to a jazz concert in one of the many charming bars or jazz clubs in New Orleans. You may even discover the new Amy Winehouse!

Flights to a holiday with the best music and nightlife

Looking for a cheap ticket to musical destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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Главное Музыка и ночная жизнь


Музыка и ночная жизнь: все направления

Оттава EUR 743
Луисвилл EUR 854
Санто-Доминго EUR 702
Абиджан EUR 898
Флорианополис EUR 784
Куяба EUR 1020
Роли/Дарем EUR 623
Белград EUR 424
Стамбул EUR 402
Берлин EUR 286
Кампо-Гранде EUR 933
Бейрут EUR 616
Хошимин EUR 1083
Сим-Рип (Ангкор-Ват) EUR 1611
Чикаго EUR 539
Ист-Лондон EUR 1056
Шанхай EUR 652
Торонто EUR 583
Форталеза EUR 787
Дакар EUR 609
Сингапур EUR 545
Бирмингем EUR 854
Сан-Хосе EUR 864
Бирмингем EUR 292
Сан-Хуан EUR 836
Тель-Авив EUR 360
Биарриц EUR 462
Огаста EUR 923
Хамберсайд EUR 370
Ричмонд EUR 624
Бужумбура EUR 1046
Колумбус, OH EUR 624
Бангкок EUR 876
Мадрид EUR 345
Манчестер EUR 272
Vientiane EUR 1293
Тайпей EUR 602
Филадельфия EUR 564
Cordoba EUR 1007
Ульсан EUR 1404
Олбани, NY EUR 624
Брисбен EUR 1039
Саутгемптон EUR 471
Питтсбург EUR 624
Лас-Вегас EUR 864
Лос-Анджелес EUR 861
Трондхайм EUR 435
Лидс EUR 300
Рен EUR 337
Гояния EUR 849
Ningbo EUR 814
Мемфис EUR 854
Мельбурн EUR 1042
Сальвадор EUR 887
Фейетвилл, AR EUR 854
Дюссельдорф EUR 325
Чанша EUR 982
Тулса EUR 856
Тунис EUR 390
Джексон - Jackson, MS EUR 856
Лексингтон EUR 856
Бристоль EUR 315
Сент-Луис EUR 854
Лафайетт EUR 659
Ломе EUR 1618
Майами EUR 623
Nanjing EUR 836
Ставангер EUR 421
Куритиба EUR 824
Будапешт EUR 299
Бухарест EUR 351
Кардифф EUR 395
Шаньтоу EUR 990
Канзас-Сити EUR 624
Милуоки EUR 624
Токио EUR 1016
Ноксвилл EUR 854
Ганновер EUR 348
Хайкоу EUR 982
Остин EUR 854
Кисуму EUR 714
Вашингтон EUR 559
Орландо EUR 624
Пау EUR 490
Мобил EUR 854
Линкольн EUR 889
Мапуту EUR 1144
Куньмин EUR 905
Каламазу EUR 624
Новый Орлеан EUR 854
Йоханнесбург EUR 684
Норвич EUR 401
Каир EUR 374
Сакраменто EUR 864
Joao Pessoa EUR 933
Монтевидео EUR 820
Сан-Паулу EUR 843
Сан-Диего EUR 864
Саванна EUR 854
Лусака EUR 1105
Каракас EUR 1233
Сантьяго, Чили EUR 1317