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Fashion-conscious New York

New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world. During the New York Fashion Week, from 10-17 September 2015, the city is flooded with famous designers, notorious fashion bloggers and top models. This is the time of year when fashion lovers from around the world gather to admire the new spring and summer collections.

A ticket to watch a fashion show by a famous designer is usually expensive or hard to obtain. But even if you can’t attend one of these fashion shows, New York has a lot more to offer when it comes to fashion. From lunching amongst models to a visit to a sneaker exhibit, New York is a paradise for fashionistas.

Models on the catwalk during NY Fashion Week
Models on the catwalk during NY Fashion Week

New York

Eating among the fashion celebrities

The Butcher’s Daughter attracts many fashion lovers. This is where models eat their salads and fashion editors type up their articles. Top model Karlie Kloss is a regular here. During Fashion Week, this eatery in SoHo draws even more fashion celebrities. But if all that fashion hype leaves you cold, just enjoy the delicious meals that are served here. The Butcher’s Daughter is all about healthy vegetarian food. They treat their fruit and vegetables the way a top butcher handles his meat. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, and the menu changes daily.
The Butcher’s Daughter in New York

From sports shoe to fashion icon

Fashion is not just all about haute couture and stiletto heels. Even jogging suits and running shoes fall under the category of ‘fashion’. From 10 July through 4 October 2015, sneaker fans will have the time of their life at the Brooklyn Museum. 150 pairs of sneakers tell the history from the humble sports shoe to a style icon. The exhibit ‘The Rise of Sneaker Culture’ gives an overview of the shoe’s social history and cultural significance. Admire sneakers by classic sports brands such as Converse, Adidas and Puma, as well as sneakers by designer label Prada. Collectors such as hip-hop legend Darryl ‘DMC’ Daniels and sneaker guru Bobbito García have also contributed with their shoes.
Colourful sneaker

Free fashion shows

If a ticket to a fashion show by a famous designers costs as much as your entire vacation budget, check out the Small Boutique Fashion Week which is held during New York Fashion Week. These are free fashion shows by young designers who have a small label. Their clothes are sold in less expensive boutiques in New York. This is a fun way to get a preview of the spring and summer fashion trends for 2016. The Small Boutique Fashion Week is held at the Metropolitan Pavilion, where Steve Madden and Michael Kors once made their debuts with their collections.
Fashion show in the Metropolitan Pavilion

High fashion cocktails

The Boom Boom Room is tucked away on the 18th floor of the trendy Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. This chic exclusive rooftop bar with a 360 degree view over the city is where successful New Yorkers and celebrities sip their cocktails. The venue also regularly hosts fashion events and fashion shows. The enormous round bar decorated with disco balls and a hallway covered in mirrors exude a 1920s feel. Money and a well-groomed appearance are a must for a night at the Boom Boom Room. Arrive before 9pm otherwise you will require a membership, a reservation or celebrity status to make it through the door.
Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel

Bring cash to spare

5th Avenue is the street where you find the prestigious flagship stores of labels such as Prada, Versace and Armani. Rich New Yorkers have been buying their clothes here since 1906. You will also find some less expensive brands here (for example Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger). Most designer stores are concentrated between 49th Street and 59th Street. Step inside Bergdorf Goodman at number 754 5th Avenue. This store specialises in clothing by upcoming American, French and Italian designers. Just remember that a day of shopping on 5th Avenue can put quite a dent in your wallet.
Versace’s flagship store on 5th Avenue