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Jotta voisit käyttää kaikkia ominaisuuksia turvallisesti, suosittelemme päivittämään selaimesi tai valitsemaan toisen selaimen. Jos jatkat selaimesi nykyisellä versiolla, kaikki verkkosivuston osat eivät välttämättä näy kunnolla tai ollenkaan. Lisäksi henkilökohtaisten tietojesi turvallisuus voidaan taata paremmin, jos käytät päivitettyä selainta.

Active & Outdoor holidays


Hiking and rafting in breathtaking nature

Looking for an active outdoor holiday? Discover some fantastic activity-packed destinations with KLM. Each continent features great outdoor challenges. Enjoy a bike ride through Europe’s varied landscapes or go hiking in the impressive mountains of North America. Or how about diving in Australia and golfing in South Africa? The sky’s the limit!

Biking and climbing

Activity holidays come in all shapes and sizes. Lace up your hiking shoes and walk the pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. A popular trip that may take hiking fans several weeks. Or book a cycling trip in Cambodia and ride past centuries-old temples and peasant villages. Are you looking for more adventurous travel? Then climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This is the highest mountain in Africa. Or build a raft and float down the river on a survival holiday in the Belgian Ardennes. Expect to be surprised: book your activity holiday now!

Adventure on the water

Water sports fans have many wonderful options all around the world. How about sailing around the beautiful Caribbean islands? Egypt is a beautiful destination for a diving holiday. Grab your paddles and get ready to canoe on the world’s deepest lake in Siberia. Or raft down the wild waters of the Alsek River in Alaska and the Tatshenshini River in Canada. Salmon leap out of the water as you paddle past glaciers; look out for moose taking a drink along the shore. With luck you may even spot a grizzly bear!

Flights to an active outdoor holiday

Looking for a cheap flight to active outdoor destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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Active & Outdoor: all destinations

Ottawa EUR 939
Xining EUR 900
Seoul EUR 614
Gainesville EUR 941
Islamabad EUR 724
Kuwait EUR 549
Sukhothai EUR 709
Teheran EUR 657
Guilin EUR 598
Wenzhou EUR 417
Belgrad EUR 233
Belem EUR 754
Zhengzhou EUR 450
Changchun EUR 450
Brest EUR 299
Recife EUR 669
Christchurch EUR 1664
Elmira EUR 996
Gulfport EUR 1201
Shenyang EUR 450
Shreveport EUR 1046
Dakar EUR 476
Huntsville EUR 1166
Bergen EUR 202
Bangor EUR 1001
Jacksonville, NC EUR 1201
Dalian EUR 450
Duluth EUR 1081
Grand Rapids EUR 1046
Valparaiso/Ft Walton EUR 941
Toulouse EUR 183
Hue EUR 917
Chongqing EUR 543
Greensboro EUR 1165
Biarritz EUR 296
Bismarck EUR 1095
Richmond EUR 1008
Conakry EUR 1244
Pereira EUR 953
Great Falls EUR 1036
Perth EUR 1053
Natal EUR 752
Cali EUR 949
Salt Lake City EUR 887
Verona EUR 295
Abbotsford EUR 1194
Nairobi EUR 453
Manaus EUR 807
Blantyre EUR 738
Fukuoka EUR 726
Bloomington EUR 1086
Auckland EUR 1623
Colorado Springs EUR 996
Peoria EUR 1046
Maui EUR 969
Ulsan EUR 722
Las Vegas EUR 865
Tri-Cities EUR 1201
Sapporo EUR 829
Fort Wayne EUR 1046
Reno EUR 958
Eugene EUR 958
Goiania EUR 816
Boise EUR 958
Bonaire EUR 948
Amman EUR 491
Roanoke EUR 1003
Rochester, NY EUR 995
Anchorage EUR 1536
Nagoya EUR 759
Nagasaki EUR 829
Lourdes EUR 304
Medford EUR 963
Düsseldorf EUR 183
Brunswick EUR 1286
Jackson, WY EUR 996
Lexington EUR 1165
Traverse City EUR 1046
Zagreb EUR 183
St Louis EUR 813
Stuttgart EUR 193
Rochester, MN EUR 1046
Cincinnati EUR 925
Lahore EUR 739
Buffalo EUR 1001
Ontario EUR 613
Burbank EUR 613
Riyadh EUR 661
Saint-Denis (Réunion) EUR 1014
Tokio EUR 747
Little Rock EUR 1060
Harrisburg EUR 1003
Moline EUR 1051
Abu Dhabi EUR 412
Monroe EUR 1115
Austin EUR 1001
Durham EUR 193
Palm Springs EUR 958
Syracuse EUR 995
Edmonton EUR 1069
Scranton EUR 1008
Norfolk EUR 1008
Orlando EUR 696
Cork EUR 260
Shenzhen EUR 531
Mobile EUR 1166
Busan EUR 705
Fargo EUR 1046
Iguassu Falls EUR 815
Brazzaville EUR 1251
Providence EUR 996
Hartford/Springfield EUR 1001
Guadalajara EUR 826
Windhoek EUR 592
Kalispell EUR 996
Portland, ME EUR 996
Jakarta EUR 611
Las Palmas EUR 296
Grand Forks EUR 1166
Mauritius EUR 836
Missoula EUR 996
Kamloops EUR 1161
Lorient EUR 252
Juneau EUR 1431
Monterrey EUR 1010
Fort Mc Murray EUR 1142
Indianapolis EUR 908
Helena EUR 1065
Kristiansand EUR 202
South Bend EUR 1081
Delhi EUR 439
Denver EUR 856
Luxemburg EUR 182