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Jotta voisit käyttää kaikkia ominaisuuksia turvallisesti, suosittelemme päivittämään selaimesi tai valitsemaan toisen selaimen. Jos jatkat selaimesi nykyisellä versiolla, kaikki verkkosivuston osat eivät välttämättä näy kunnolla tai ollenkaan. Lisäksi henkilökohtaisten tietojesi turvallisuus voidaan taata paremmin, jos käytät päivitettyä selainta.

Music & Nightlife


From intimate concerts to large festivals

Looking for a musical holiday? Discover the best night clubs, bars, concerts and international festivals all around the world with KLM. Enjoy nostalgic fado music in Portuguese restaurants and visit trendy bars and clubs in Las Vegas. Dance lovers can party their hearts out on the Spanish island of Ibiza. All summer the most famous DJs in the world spin their tunes in the big nightclubs. Life is one big party!

Dress up and sing along

Swing your hips during Brazilian carnival or sing along with popular schlager songs at Germany’s Oktoberfest. All around the world, the most amazing festivals are celebrated. Nothing is for sale at the Burning Man festival in the United States but you can have a lot of fun exchanging items with other festival goers. So make sure to stock up on supplies and don’t forget to bring some colourful dress-up clothes! Celebrate Thai New Year during Songkran in Bangkok. Fill up your water gun and tuck away your camera: this celebration is a great excuse for the biggest water fight in the world. Expect to be surprised: book a holiday to the best music and nightlife destinations now!

Music for everyone

Tango in Argentina and opera in Italy. Music is strongly associated with culture. Visit Jamaica for tropical reggae tunes. If you would rather stomp your cowboy boots to the songs of Johnny Cash, then head to Nashville in the United States. But this country offers much more than just country music... Sway to soul music in Memphis or listen to a jazz concert in one of the many charming bars or jazz clubs in New Orleans. You may even discover the new Amy Winehouse!

Flights to a holiday with the best music and nightlife

Looking for a cheap ticket to musical destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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The highlights of Music & Nightlife


Music & Nightlife: all destinations

Ottawa EUR 939
Louisville EUR 1165
Santo Domingo EUR 875
Abidjan EUR 625
Florianopolis EUR 815
Acapulco EUR 1010
Cuiaba EUR 988
Raleigh/Durham EUR 995
Belgrad EUR 233
Istanbul EUR 165
Berliini EUR 162
Campo Grande EUR 901
Tijuana EUR 1026
Beirut EUR 329
Reykjavik EUR 413
Ho Chi Minh City EUR 652
Siem Reap EUR 915
Chicago EUR 700
Shanghai EUR 425
East London EUR 783
Toronto EUR 935
Vilnius EUR 241
Fortaleza EUR 599
Dakar EUR 475
Oakland EUR 957
Singapore EUR 586
Birmingham EUR 1165
San Jose EUR 815
Birmingham EUR 182
San Jose EUR 945
Tel Aviv EUR 192
Biarritz EUR 296
Augusta EUR 1234
Humberside EUR 252
Richmond EUR 1007
Thessaloniki EUR 261
Cluj EUR 363
Bujumbura EUR 772
Cali EUR 948
Guatemalan kaupunki EUR 925
Columbus, OH EUR 1007
Bangkok EUR 603
Madrid EUR 193
Manchester EUR 187
Vientiane EUR 896
Taipei EUR 900
Chiang Mai EUR 740
Philadelphia EUR 1000
Cordoba EUR 878
Ulsan EUR 722
Albany, NY EUR 1001
Brisbane EUR 1073
Southampton EUR 182
Pittsburgh EUR 1010
Las Vegas EUR 1066
Los Angeles EUR 450
Trondheim EUR 202
Leeds EUR 182
Reno EUR 957
Rennes EUR 250
Goiania EUR 816
Ningbo EUR 724
Memphis EUR 983
Melbourne EUR 1035
Porto Seguro EUR 857
Salvador EUR 683
Fayetteville, AR EUR 1059
Düsseldorf EUR 183
Changsha EUR 571
Tulsa EUR 1059
Tunis EUR 301
Palma de Mallorca EUR 269
Jackson, MS EUR 1165
Lexington EUR 1165
Bristol EUR 192
St Louis EUR 995
Lafayette EUR 1080
Lome EUR 1401
Miami EUR 625
Nanjing EUR 733
Iasi EUR 434
Stavanger EUR 202
Curitiba EUR 816
Budapest EUR 182
Bukarest EUR 213
Papeete EUR 2066
Cardiff EUR 252
Shantou EUR 571
Kansas City EUR 1045
Milwaukee EUR 1045
Tokio EUR 757
Knoxville EUR 1165
Hannover EUR 182
Haikou EUR 571
Austin EUR 1000
Kisumu EUR 698
Kiev EUR 193
Orlando EUR 841
Washington EUR 666
Cork EUR 260
Pau EUR 300
Mobile EUR 1165
Moscow EUR 186
Brazzaville EUR 1251
Lincoln EUR 1100
Maputo EUR 800
Kunming EUR 943
Kalamazoo EUR 1045
New Orleans EUR 1100
Johannesburg EUR 631
Norwich EUR 193
Kairo EUR 414
Phuket EUR 709
Sacramento EUR 957
Joao Pessoa EUR 901
Montevideo EUR 822
Tenerife EUR 296
Sao Paulo EUR 840
San Diego EUR 725
Savannah EUR 1165
Khartoum EUR 1033
Inverness EUR 182
Lusaka EUR 746
Caracas EUR 1352
Santiago de Chile EUR 929