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The typical colors of Bologna

Best of Bologna

From great restaurants to famous sites and unique activities: here's what not to miss in Bologna.


    Dal Biassanot

    16 reviews


    14 reviews

    Osteria al 15

    18 reviews

    Cremeria Funivia

    24 reviews

    Da Cesari

    18 reviews

    Osteria Broccaindosso

    10 reviews

    Trattoria La Corte Galluzzi

    11 reviews


    8 reviews Ambasciatori

    7 reviews

    Trattoria Delle Belle Arti

    13 reviews

    Ristoranti: Donatello

    8 reviews

    Apple Store

    7 reviews

    Osteria del Sole

    7 reviews

    Il Posto

    6 reviews

    Osteria del Cappello

    6 reviews


    6 reviews

    Camera A Sud Vino e Cibo

    7 reviews


    32 reviews

    Librerie Feltrinelli

    5 reviews

    Osteria La Traviata

    5 reviews