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Caribbean entertainment in Port of Spain

How about a trip to the capital of Trinidad and Tobago? Book flights to Port of Spain and prepare to fall in love. This coastal city is less touristy than many other Caribbean destinations, but it’s no less beautiful. Expect pearly white beaches, swaying palm trees and luxury resorts; but also historical architecture, culture, natural beauty and entertainment. One of the highlights is the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, which is celebrated exuberantly in Port of Spain and is known as the biggest street party in the world.

Eclectic architecture and history

In the bustling port city of Port of Spain, modern high-rises and historic buildings stand side by side. Among them is the world-famous Magnificent Seven: an exclectic mix of opulent mansions built in the European and Caribbean architectural styles. Another highlight is Woodford Square, which is home to the historic Red House parliament building. Settle down on a bench in the shade and enjoy a view of the beautiful Victorian fountain. Queen's Park Savannah, which is the city's largest recreational park, is an oasis of greenery. If you’re in Port of Spain in late March or early February, you can enjoy the colourful parades, featuring beautifully dressed people dancing to the sounds of marching bands, as they move through the city. Colourful parades, featuring beautifully dressed people dancing to the sounds of marching bands, move through the city.

Beach and swaying palms

Just outside Port of Spain is Maracas Bay, which is a sandy beach – surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery – and a popular surf spot. Here, you’ll find numerous eateries serving local specialities, such as shark and bake, and stalls selling souvenirs and tropical fruit. Be sure to explore the surrounding area by following one of the winding footpaths towards the rainforest-covered hills. Finish the day at Fort George, which was built in 1804 on a hill just outside the city. From here, you can enjoy spectacular views of Port of Spain and watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.

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