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Bonaire, a surfer’s paradise

Bonaire is one of the most popular water sports destinations in the world, thanks to its azure blue waters, trade winds from the east and pleasant Caribbean climate. So it’s not surprising that the island has produced so many surfing champions. Water sports enthusiasts will find the sea around Bonaire to be an excellent playground. The mostly shallow water is pleasantly warm and invites surfers to spend entire days honing their skills.

Whether you windsurf, kitesurf or prefer to watch the action from the beach, the beautiful bays of Bonaire are the place to be. The south and west bays have a steady wind, long sandy beaches and calm waters. Those who have trouble staying upright on their boards can get help from various surfing schools. Don’t forget to buy a ‘Nature Tag’; this permit is required for all recreational users in the water on Bonaire.

Bonaire is a popular water sports destination
Bonaire is a popular water sports destination


Learn windsurf moves at Lac Baai

Lac Baai has repeatedly been proclaimed one of the best surfing spots in the world. Almost every day you’ll see real pros training for championships. These windsurfing professionals also often give lessons, teaching others the tricks of the trade. With a bit of luck, you may even master the Gecko Flaka, a ‘surf move’ that originated on Bonaire.
This beautiful bay is also perfect for novice surfers. There’s no reason to fear ending up in the water, since this lagoon is shallow and the water wonderfully warm. Further down the bay, the wind blows more strongly and the water is deeper, challenging even the most experienced surfers. Prefer to watch? The fine white sand of Sorobon Beach is perfect for lazing away the day in the Caribbean sun. And with so many beach cafés close by, a fruity cocktail is never too far away.

“With a bit of luck, you may master the 'Gecko Flaka', a surf move born on Bonaire”

The turquoise sea at Lac Baai

Kites in the air

Kitesurfing is a popular water sport on Bonaire. Although it is not permitted everywhere on the island, there are plenty of great locations where enthusiasts can spread their wings. At Atlantis Beach, for instance, on the southwest coast of Bonaire, dozens of large kites adorn the skies – quite a spectacular sight. Experienced kite surfers who venture further out may even come across a pod of leaping dolphins. Most dolphins are unafraid of humans and enjoy showing off their own acrobatic skills to those crazy creatures with their kites.

“Don’t be surprised to see a group of leaping dolphins; they love to show off their acrobatic skills!”