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Dinner and dance

Bangkok is not only vibrant by day but also – and maybe even more so – by night. The city is famous for its spectacular nightlife, from hip rooftop cocktail bars and nightclubs to immense dance performances. Visit a dinner show for a typical Thai experience and enjoy an evening full of entertainment. While the performers act out the history and stories of Thai culture through dance, theatre and music, you will enjoy Thai cuisine at its finest.

Classical Thai dance is characterised by a slow rhythm, dramatic facial expressions and graceful, almost hypnotising hand movements. Entire stories and rituals are acted out with specific poses, each with its own unique meaning, from happiness and infatuation to sadness and anger. In the traditional dance performances, the dancers are accompanied by an orchestra hidden from the audience. The calm rhythm of the music demands a high degree of balance and body control on the part of the dancers, making it a fascinating sight to behold.

Graceful hand movements of Thai dancers
Graceful hand movements of Thai dancers


The bank of the Chao Phraya River

Romance on the water

At Sala Rim Naam, the restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, every night is a cultural and romantic experience. The dinner show takes place on a terrace along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. To the warm tones of a bamboo flute, the dancers seductively move between the tables with grace and suppleness. The setting includes the twinkling lights of boats sailing past and a richly decorated teak pavilion. It is the perfect and most romantic location to attend a Thai dance performance.

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Yaam Talay

Dining at Sala Rim Naam

Apart from enjoying an enchanting dance performance, Sala Rim Naam is also highly recommended for its culinary excellence. Choose from such delicious Thai dishes as Lon Poo Talay (sea crab cooked in coconut milk), Yaam Talay (spicy seafood salad) and Mussaman Nuea (meat curry with sweet potato and onion).

Mandarin Oriental, Soi 40, Th Charoen Krung Google maps

Spectacular cultural show

One of the largest theatre performances in the world is the show put on by the Siam Niramit theatre. The performance is a beautiful rendition of Thai history and customs. With no fewer than 150 performers in more than 500 costumes, 120 sets and even 2 elephants on stage, it is a spectacular cultural show you’ll never forget. Before the performance, you can enjoy delightful Thai snacks from around the country at the Siam Sawadee buffet restaurant.

The Siam Niramit